Your November Horoscope Is Here

Whether you can't wait to dig into pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving, light the menorah, or trim the tree, a month packed with pretty much every holiday-time pleasure and tradition has arrived. As 2021 winds down, November offers an opportunity to nestle into even more autumnal darkness while we celebrate with our nearest and dearest. That cozy-meets-festive vibe is owed to the month's astrological hosts: transformative Scorpio and joyful Sagittarius.  

Scorpio, the fixed water sign whose assignment it is to make us all more comfortable with the shadow side of life, power, and the transformative nature of sex and relationships, is running the show until November 21. Heads up: Its fixed sign influence can make us, at best, more resolute and, at worst, obstinate. And for the second half of the month, the challenge will be to make the most of this party season while striving for moderation over excess, as Jupiter-ruled mutable fire sign Sagittarius will have the reins, tempting you to go big or go home in all things. But by blending Scorpio's determination with Sagittarius' enthusiasm, this month could be one of the most productive — and fulfilling — yet. 


When you're zipping from one thing to the next without a care in the world, you're in your comfort zone, Aries, but Scorpio season — which started on October 23 — can feel a bit too emotionally challenging for your liking. On November 4, the new moon occurs in the fixed water sign, opposing game-changer Uranus in your money zone, and you might be inspired to rebel against the way you've been expected to bring your skills to the table professionally. It wouldn't be surprising at all if you were to push for more freedom, independence, and the ability to let your freak flag fly a little higher now. You can also trust that you'll be able to charm your way into more recognition on the job, thanks to relationship-oriented Venus moving ahead through your career zone from November 5 to December 19. 

And while Scorpio season has you primarily focused on deepening your bonds, this theme of pushing for change and progress in your career persists throughout the month. Around November 19, the lunar eclipse and full moon are also going to light up your money zone, kicking off a series of eclipses that lasts for the next two years, shaking up how — and with whom — you do business. What makes you comfortable? How do you want to show up for yourself and others while dealing with money? These questions and others can't help but be top of mind now. Thankfully, November isn't solely dedicated to these heavy-duty topics, as the confident sun shifts into your adventure zone on November 21 where it remains until December 21, and messenger Mercury joins it from November 24 to December 13. Pack your bags, because the road — and those thrilling, eye-opening experiences you've been craving — are calling. 


Scorpio season, which has been on since October 23, has honed your focus on your closest one-on-one relationships, as the confident sun has been moving through your partnership zone. Finding ways to join forces with a significant other, dear friend, or business partner has likely proved truly fulfilling, and that will continue to be the case well into November. But challenges, in which you're asked to change for the sake of growth, could arise along the way. The first groundbreaking moment is scheduled for November 4 when the new moon in your partnership zone opposes electrifying Uranus in your sign, asking you to consider the best way to stand in your sense of self while also working in sync with someone else. You'll be tempted to strike out against any set, stifling box you feel you've been put in. 

The next day, November 5, your ruler, relationship-oriented, beauty-loving Venus moves into industrious fellow earth sign Capricorn where it'll bring an adventurous vibe to your love and social life. Though you're usually interested in relaxing at home with a steamy cup of tea, lots of baked goods, and blankets galore — this time of the year more than usual — you'll actually feel like getting out of your comfort zone until December 19. Expect more opportunities to learn and travel, especially with someone special or your closest friends. Around November 19, the lunar eclipse and full moon in your sign could signal a time of releasing what's no longer serving you so that you can create the change you've been dreaming of moving forward. You'll be pumped to have a fresh slate as Sagittarius season, which spans November 21 to December 21, kicks off, illuminating your sexual intimacy zone and setting the stage for deeper bonding, emotional vulnerability, and transformation in your closest relationships. Messenger Mercury's presence there, from November 24 to December 13, makes it even easier to translate feelings into words — and from there, words into steamy, satisfying action between the sheets.


Until November 21, the sun continues to move through your daily routine zone, nudging you to get more organized with your everyday hustle, prioritize your health, take all those supplements you've been buying, streamline your skincare routine — basically do all of the healthy, productive things. It'll feel more possible than it did last month, because your ruler, messenger Mercury, is no longer retrograde and will no longer be retroshade as of November 2. (Hallelujah!) And on November 4, when the new moon happens there, opposing electrifying Uranus in your spirituality zone, you'll feel refreshed, rejuvenated, and refocused on making significant, balance-boosting changes to your schedule — even if it means creating major shakeups. This is also a moment in which you can actually trust your intuition over your mind. 

In fact, tuning into what you need and the healing you might need to do to create your dream reality will be a major theme this month, thanks to the full moon and lunar eclipse on November 19 in your spirituality zone. Big, positive changes are ahead if you're up for taking slow, steady, pragmatic steps to caring for your mental and emotional well-being. This will also be especially useful as Sagittarius season begins on November 21, lasting until December 21, because the confident sun will move through your partnership zone, and you'll be drawn to more one-on-one activities than solo time. As crucial as this moment will be for building something meaningful with someone else, it's also a moment in which you'll do well to hold true to what you need and desire. 


With two weeks of the sun's trip through your romance and self-expression zone under your belt as the month kicks off, you're likely feeling optimistic and confident about your voice. Although, to be fair, you've had to deal with messenger Mercury, retrograde last month in your home zone, throwing wrenches into your inner life balance and dragging you back to the past, but that'll be solidly in the rearview after the communication planet's shadow period ends on November 2. Now you can finally plow forward, and you'll feel particularly motivated to do so around November 4, when the new moon falls in your romance zone. Chances are, you'll be thinking about or actually kicking off a new chapter with your significant other or heading out on a date with a potential partner now. And because the moon opposes quirky Uranus, you'll want to show up in these scenarios being as true to yourself and your long-term wishes as possible. 

It's a lesson that will serve you well as romantic Venus moves ahead in your partnership zone, promoting lots of one-on-one bonding time, from November 5 to December 19. And around November 19, you'll feel the intensity of the lunar eclipse and full moon in your networking zone, stirring up lots of feelings about how you are currently fitting in with your group of friends or colleagues and what might need to change in order to bolster your sense of satisfaction and belonging. Exploring this theme goes hand-in-hand with pursuing long-held dreams. Who should you be collaborating with, and which weeds might need to be pulled in order to get where you're envisioning you need to go? Then, as the season shifts from Scorpio to Sagittarius, the sun moves through your routine zone from November 21 to December 21, inspiring you to get more organized and balanced in your day-to-day.  


Scorpio season is dedicated to nesting for you, Leo, because the sun — and several other planets — are all moving through your home zone, nudging you to prioritize your inner life. Around November 4, the new moon falls there, too, playing host to a whole new era in your family and domestic world. You could be moving, welcoming loved ones who are moving closer to you, or renewing your space. Because the moon opposes fixed earth sign Taurus in your career zone, the shifts you make at home could have some kind of positive influence on your public image and professional goals. What that looks like might not be apparent immediately, but it should serve as a reminder that it's essential for you to be true to yourself in all areas of your life. 

That theme will pop up again around November 19 when the full moon and lunar eclipse falls in your career zone, signaling a culmination point and release from big picture goals that might not be in line with your current vision. It's time to reimagine what you want to achieve, trusting your heart in the process. Doing so can feel hugely empowering, especially as we head into Sagittarius season, which will see the sun moving through your romance and self-expression zone — which is fiery Leo-ruled territory, BTW — from November 21 to December 21. Messenger Mercury joins the party from November 24 to December 13, inspiring you to channel your most passionate ideas and wishes into creative projects and sexy, fun-loving adventures with the people — or one special person — you adore. 


That sense of relief and a lightened load that you've been dreaming of, for what seems like weeks now? You'll get it after November 2 because not only is your ruler, messenger Mercury, through with its retrograde in your money zone, but it'll be completely in the clear and out of the retrograde shadow then. Finally, you can start to push forward with any moneymaking ventures and collaborations sans an abundance of confusion, tech glitches, and delays. That shift comes right in the nick of time for the new moon that's happening on November 4 in your communication zone. This is a moment for soaking up knowledge, embracing your curiosity and enthusiasm, and connecting with friends, colleagues, or neighbors in a way that might actually require you to step out of your comfort zone. But you'll be glad you did, as any potential rewards are worth the risk of following your gut now.

You'll also be nudged to own your creative power and find a way to infuse your day-to-day with more flirtation and fun as a result of relationship-oriented Venus moving forward in your romance and self-expression zone from November 5 to December 19. And releasing your grip on pragmatism in order to tune into your gut will continue to be a major message for you this month. Around November 19, when the lunar eclipse and full moon falls in your adventure zone, you'll be challenged to consider setting aside what you know for what's new and potentially even more fulfilling. If you're not quite ready to take a leap of faith — taking a class to hone your skillset or planning future travel that could truly broaden your horizons — it could be time to at least test the waters. 


Messenger Mercury's retrograde through your sign made October a month riddled with delays and setbacks, albeit perhaps heartwarming blasts from the past, Libra. But as of November 2, when the communicator planet finally exits its shadow period, you can rest assured that forward movement will be easier to accomplish. And around November 4, when the new moon falls in your money zone, you'll be able to apply any revision and reflection you did last month to creating a gratifying path related to earning and bringing your skills to the table on the job. Because the moon opposes game-changer Uranus in your joint resources zone, you'll be thinking about how any changes you want to make will affect shared assets and how you can feel comfortable and fulfilled financially.   

The tone around money-making but also in your relationships and how you express yourself artistically will shift the next day, November 5, when your ruler, beauty-loving Venus enters your home zone. It'll move forward there until December 19, fueling your interest in smoothing over any prickly tension with loved ones and prioritizing cozy, domestic bliss. Think: nesting with your S.O. or making your home even prettier than it already is. That should come in handy when you step into your power as the host with the most during Sag season, which kicks off on November 21 and lasts until December 21. The sun moves through your buzzy communication zone during that time, and messenger Mercury joins it from November 24 to December 13, setting a sweet tone for all those parties and get-togethers you've been fantasizing about.


Although your season has been in full swing for two weeks, you could feel like you haven't been able to build momentum when it comes to getting after your personal goals. You can thank the planets dwelling in your super-quiet spirituality zone — namely, messenger Mercury — for that, but that's all about to change this month. In fact, change and partnership are two major focuses for you now. And around November 4, when your annual new moon occurs, you'll feel that big time, because it's all about not only getting clear on what you want to achieve moving forward but how that fits in with your closest relationships. How can you strike a balance between what you feel is right for you and what you are aiming to achieve with your S.O., dear friend, or a business partner? If you're not quite sure how to have intense conversations around this, you'll get some support the next day, November 5, in the form of social, relationship-oriented Venus shifting into your communication zone where it'll move forward until December 19, amplifying your ability to articulate your thoughts and opinions, connect, and ideate with just about anyone in your circle.

Around November 19, the lunar eclipse and full moon falls in your partnership zone as well, kicking off a whole set of eclipses that will have you exploring and transforming your relationship with yourself and others for the next two years. For now, you're just dipping your toe into that theme, considering what one-on-one bond might not be the best fit anymore or how you can release or heal the past so that you can create a more satisfying future with someone special. This could be an emotionally intense, challenging moment, to be sure, but if anyone has it in them to burn something problematic — potentially even toxic — down and start fresh, it's you, Scorp. And as we move into Sag season, lasting from November 21 to December 21, you'll be able to move even more confidently into an ambitious moneymaking game plan.   


Scorpio season and the sun's trip through your spirituality zone, which kicked off on October 23, has been a quieter, possibly emotional moment for you, Sag. Meditative moments and a focus on resting and recharging have been front of mind, and around November 4, when the new moon falls there, you could very much be in your feelings. Know that there is light at the end of the tunnel, and the healing you do now could benefit your day-to-day routine, thanks to the moon's opposition to game-changer Uranus in your wellness zone. The chores and to-dos of your everyday hustle might feel tedious to think about, but prioritizing your mental and emotional well-being now can make everything flow a lot better moving forward.  

You'll be pumped by the fact that, the following day, November 5, social Venus moves into your moneymaking zone, and it'll be even easier to join forces with friends or colleagues on a cash-boosting project up until December 19. And the moment you've been waiting for … the latter part of the month marks a shift into your season. From November 21 to December 21, the confident sun moves through your sign, allowing you to shine even brighter than usual. You'll be in the spotlight, entertaining, being entertained, and enjoying one adventure after the next. And if you've been wanting to take your act on the road, sneaking in some travel to see loved ones or to just get out of that same ol' mundane routine, you'll get the green light once messenger Mercury is there from November 24 to December 13. 


Scorpio season, which began on October 23, has made it easier to connect and collaborate with friends and colleagues, because the sun has been spending time in your networking zone. And around November 4, when the new moon falls there, you'll be pumped to move the ball forward on a major team project or new group effort. The moon will oppose game-changer Uranus in your self-expression zone, so you could be feeling like speaking from the heart and ensuring that any endeavor you're working on reflects your passions and ideas. In turn, this moment could be all about figuring out how to best reconcile your voice with what everyone else's. But don't worry too much about tensions persisting, because relationship-oriented Venus shifts into your sign on November 5, giving you a leg up in all of your bonds. Your charm, appetite for pleasure, and ability to smooth over any friction with others should be off-the-charts until December 19. 

Love and relationships are also bound to be a focus around November 19, when the lunar eclipse and full moon falls in your romance zone. Change is on the horizon, but first, you might need to address and move past old wounds that have been holding you back from having what you truly deserve. Thankfully, the universe is working in your favor and self-reflection is amplified from November 21 to December 21 as the sun moves through your spirituality zone. With cerebral Mercury there too from November 24 to December 13, you can do any heavy-duty self-work (think: therapy or a similar practice that resonates with you) in order to lay the groundwork for your next chapter. 


Scorpio season can be as challenging as it is rewarding for you, Aquarius. The sun has been moving through your career zone since October 23, and until November 21, turning your razor focus toward pushing for professional advancement, recognition, and rewards. If that hasn't been coming organically — and it may very well not, thanks to messenger Mercury slowing everything down last month — you could be feeling a bit stuck. Thankfully, around November 4, the new moon there can breathe new life into your dreams. And you'll be thinking about how you can achieve balance between your work and your inner life, given an opposition from the moon to your ruler, electrifying Uranus, currently in your home zone. 

Domestic life — what that looks like currently and what you want it to look like going forward — will also be top of mind, Aquarius, because the lunar eclipse and full moon falls in your home zone on November 19. The vision you have in mind might take some time to build, but you can think of this period as an opportunity to gain more clarity and begin to weed out bonds, patterns, and places that are no longer in sync with your heart. Then, as the confident sun shifts into your networking zone on November 21, where it remains until December 21, you'll feel like you're getting plenty of help from your friends. Collaborative efforts, opportunities to connect with past and present colleagues, and lots of social gatherings should be your focus, especially as messenger Mercury joins the party from November 24 to December 13.  


Ever since October 23, Scorpio season has had you wishing for more excitement and a break from your everyday, mundane routine, thanks to the confident sun's trip through your adventure zone. Whether you've been craving opportunities to learn, promote personal growth, or travel, you'll get a sweet opportunity to set the wheels in motion around November 4 when the new moon falls there. Because it opposes game-changer Uranus in your communication zone, the more planning, thinking, brainstorming, and discussing you can do around these thrilling dreams and wishes, the better. Don't hesitate to say exactly what you want, as that could be the thing that actually gets the wheels in motion. And the following day, November 5, relationship-oriented Venus dips into your networking zone, where it'll move ahead until December 19, shoring up all your platonic and collegial relationships and helping you tackle your goals with extra support from a variety of connections. 

The theme of sharing your thoughts and connecting with anyone and everyone you can is a biggie mid-month, as well, thanks to the lunar eclipse and full moon falling in your communication zone. It could be time to change how you're getting your information, with whom you trade information, and who you consider to be in your inner circle. Asking yourself these questions could also fuel your professional advancement, which is the name of the game throughout Sag season, spanning November 21 to December 21. The sun's move through your career zone should offer a blast of confidence for getting after your most ambitious goals, and messenger Mercury's presence there from November 24 to December 13 can maximize your success as well. 

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