You Need To See This Incredibly Sweet Thanksgiving Photo Of Hilary Duff’s Son & Daughter

Celebrating Thanksgiving as a mother of one is "So Yesterday" for Hilary Duff. She gave birth to daughter Banks Violet Bair on October 25 according to her own announcement on Instagram. Hilary Duff shared a Thanksgiving photo of her son Luca holding baby Banks on Instagram and it is definitely something to be thankful for.

Hilary posted a super sweet photo of Luca cradling his baby sister and paying special attention to keep her head propped up. Along with the photo, Hilary wrote, "4 weeks since our special gift arrived! These two are my greatest joy. #gratefulEVERYDAY."

Hey now, hey now, this is what Thanksgiving dreams are made of. She has somewhere she belongs and two (super cute) somebodies to love. Hopefully the Lizzie McGuire fans caught that reference.

So many people loved Hilary’s photo and left a bunch of very sweet comments. One of Hilary’s followers commented, "My ovaries just exploded in the back of this Uber." Fair enough. This really is an adorable photo.

Another Instagram user wrote "Awwww, he is holding her just right and already looking protective!" He really is. Only four weeks in and he really does seem to have a grasp on this big brother life. Another person quoted some Hilary Duff lyrics, writing "this is what dreams are made of." Yes, it is.

One of the Younger star’s followers remarked, "What a beautiful moment to capture." It really is such a special moment, especially given the meaning of Thanksgiving and the spirit during this time of year.

A different person commented, "What a great brother!" A follower wrote, "So precious!!!!" It really just doesn’t seem like it could get much cuter, but the singer/actress has posted other photos that are just as adorable. The new brother/sister duo already has it down when it comes to being perfect in photos.

Hilary posted of her son in honor of Thanksgiving and his new life as a big brother. She shared another picture, this time of herself and Luca all dressed up and rocking suspenders. Along with the photo, Hilary wrote, "Thankful for this big brother." He truly does seem to be thriving in this new role.

Hilary’s boyfriend Matthew Koma, and the father of baby Banks, shared his own photo of her with their dog on her first Thanksgiving. He simply captioned the photo with "Happy Thanksgiving," short, sweet, and to the point.

Aside from being a doting big brother, Luca is a loving cousin as well. On Nov. 4, Hilary shared a photo of Luca and Banks with their aunt Haylie Duff and one one of their cousins.

Hilary’s fans have watched her grow up. She has always been entertaining to watch, just being herself, and providing her fan with some family friendly content. Now she has children of her own and she’s truly thriving, something her followers just love to see. Christmas is just about a month away, so the fans need to keep an eye on their Instagram feeds for some new brother/sister photos. They are only going to get closer (and cuter) from here.

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