Wrapping hacks to transform your Christmas – including tricky wine bottles

December has arrived and that means the time has come to start Christmas shopping.

And while we love spending time seeking out the best gifts for our friends and family, wrapping each present up can become boring quickly.

There's not much worse than cutting the wrapping paper too small, or worse, running out of tape halfway through your gift wrapping session.

One thing which can definitely become irritating is having a gift to wrap which takes on a difficult shape.

However, this festive season you need not worry, as we've compiled some of the top gift wrapping hacks to help you get each present easily packed and ready to be delivered.

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Having to wrap unboxed gifts, such as plush toys, can prove difficult especially when we're striving for a neatly wrapped gift.

One TikTok user has the perfect hack, and Chantel Mila has recently talked her followers through the easy wrapping method she uses for toys.

First, she measures out the correct amount of wrapping paper for the toy – never too big and definitely not too small!

Having put the toy to once side, she then folds the bottom into a diamond shape, before neatly taping down the sides. This forms a pouch for the toy to sit in securely.

She then uses a hole punch to make two holes in the top, before threading ribbon through them to create a handle.

The gift wrapping hack produces a makeshift gift bag for the present, which is easily opened and can also be carried conveniently.

Bottles of wine are also another product which are difficult to wrap neatly, with many choosing to opt for a standard gift bag when gifting a bottle.

However, there's a savvy way to wrap up a bottle of wine which is easy and quick.

TikTok star Lennia, aka 'the folding queen', recently provided a tutorial on how to perfectly wrap a bottle of wine up ready for Christmas.

To begin, measure out the amount of wrapping paper needed, ensuring that there is a little bit of excess paper at the top of the bottle. Next, fold the bottom and tape it down, so it creates a base for the bottle to sit on.

Cut through the excess paper at the top – Lennia does hers in a pattern, to make the present look even more eye-catching.

Then pop the bottle of wine into the wrapping paper, before pulling the top of the paper together to mimic that of a Christmas cracker, and securing it with ribbon.

While we've covered products which are shaped difficultly, it's important to consider the issues when wrapping a standard sized box also.

When the paper is cut too small, we are often quick to disregard that piece and cut a new one out. However, there's a way around it if you've cut your wrapping paper too small.

Gift packaging company Eurowrap have shared a tutorial from Sophie, @thefoldinglady, where she shows how to make the most of your wrapping paper.

Instead of folding the sides into each other, you can fold them diagonally, which will help to make the two ends of the paper meet in the middle.

You can then fold each end into the middle and tape it down, resulting in a perfectly sealed gift!

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