‘World Of Dance’: Mute Dancer Speaks With A Teary J.Lo In Heartwarming Moment

It’s the second Duel round, where the younger team talent takes the stage! Who will be making it to The Cut?

Tonight on World Of Dance, the younger team talent is going up against each other in the Duels! Number two VPeepz chose to go against the number seven Battle Droids Crew from Belgium, and it seems like this is a fierce competition. The VPeepz are trying to incorporate tricks like the Battle Droids Crew into their choreography, but seemed to struggle in practice. VPeepz went first and their routine was clean and sharp from start to finish. They also threw some not-so-subtle shade at their competition, which we know the judges like. The Battle Droids Crew went next and the Belgian team incorporated their insane tricks that the VPeepz didn’t deliver. However, they definitely lacked the cleanliness of their competitors. They went for it with the dueling factor, and were quick to throw shade at the VPeepz. VPeepz ended with a 92.7 average, and the Battle Droids Crew got a 90.3, sending the VPeepz to The Cut!

Intention vs. Get Down District was next! Get Down District went first, serving up major fierce vibes, but the choreography was not super competitive. However, they did have an outfit change, and J.Lo loves a good outfit change! The judges felt that Get Down District’s routine was a little sloppy in the second half, as they seemed to have lost steam a little bit. Intention, from Oklahoma, took the stage next and showed off stunning choreography and interesting lifts. At the same time, they had a few little burns in there! However, the judges wished Intention had made things a little quicker and more intense for the duels. Get Down District received an 88 average from the judges, while Intention scored an 87! A low-scoring Duel, but a duel, nonetheless.

Mkam and Elektrocrew went head to head next. However, while practicing, one of the Mkam guys broke his foot! The guys still came out strong with epic visuals and a clean routine, even though they had to do some quick restructuring. MKam ended with a big helicopter throw and the judges loved it! The judges loved their formations and transitions, and J.Lo added that it had “too much going on, in the best way!” Elektrocrew went next and their routine was amazing and quick, filled with more incredible visuals. The judges were equally impressed with Elektrocrew and loved their savagery!  This is definitely a tough one! MKam received a total of 90.7, while Elektrocrew edged out on top with a 91! MKam has a chance in the redemption round, though!

Next was JDC against the Dancetown Divas! The first crew Dancetown gave a warrior-esque performance and were ready for battle, before going into intense choreography. “So clean, so together, so unified,” Derek Hough complimented. JDC then took the stage with a contemporary performance that was powerful and had the judges hooked from the start. The girls danced with a handheld mirror that had a stunning meaning, and they in the end, they all finished with mirrors in their hands and tears in their eyes. Totally goosies worthy! The judges all stood up and gave them a standing O! J.o continued to wipe her tears as she told the girls it was “perfect.” Dancetown Divas received a 96 from Ne-Yo, a 95 from J.Lo and a 94 from Derek, giving them a 95. JDC got a 96, with a 95 from J.Lo and Derek and a 98 from Ne-Yo, sending them to The Cut!

The first place crew, The Crazy 8′s chose West Springfield Dance, who is at the bottom of the board. Recall, Nya, from The Crazy 8’s, has selective mutism and the girls really captured Jennifer’s heart with their performance. The girls took the stage first, showing off their insane flexibility and adorableness! The judges were loving the whole performance and gave major compliments! “You guys are pretty amazing!” J.Lo exclaimed. “I just want to squeeze all of you!” West Springfield Dance dressed as frightening clowns and had some amazing, clean visuals n their routine, and the costume was seriously scary. “It’s a little dark… but I like it!” J.Lo said. Derek added that it was a huge step up from their last routine. He did say that the “concept outweighs the dancing.” Ne-Yo agreed with Derek’s critique. In the end, West Springfield received an 89.3, and The Crazy 8’s got a 93.3! Can’t wait to see them at The Cut! Also, Nya decided that she’d like to talk with the judges, and she had a special moment with J.Lo!

Finally, the Redemption Round say Dancetown Divas and MKam go head to head! Dancing to “Level Up,” the ladies returned to their Latin roots that got them here in the first place. While it was a little messy, it was duel worthy and showed they were in it to win it. MKam had the judges on their feet while they performed their Redemption Round to the same song, and added in some Latin flair of their own. By majority vote, Dancetown Divas won the Redemption Round and will be heading to The Cut!

Catch the next round of Duels, next week, Sunday, March 31 at 8 PM ET!

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