Woman uses strangers’ socks as sanitary pads because she ‘hates spending money’

A woman has revealed her unconventional cheapskate skills to save money, including using strangers' socks as sanitary pads.

Goldy Locks, who works as a rock band singer, admitted she "hates spending money" and has gone to extreme lengths in order to keep costs down.

Featuring on TLC's Extreme Cheapskates, the stingy woman said she could save up to $725 (£511) a month by her bizarre methods including cutting back on feminine products.

"Women spend $200-$300 a year on feminine products, easily, that’s a scam," Goldy explains.

So instead of paying for the single-use sanitary pads, she heads to her local launderette where the owner allows her to keep all the odd socks other customers have left.

TJ Kirby, who works at the shop, says: "There's always mismatch socks left behind so now I just keep a basket and keep them for Goldy."

Despite risking infection, Goldy thinks her method could save waste and she only throws the socks away when they're dirty.

"People laugh when I say I use socks as sanitary pads," she adds. "But my way is way more cost effective and it’s environmentally friendly."

She also saves water and electricity by asking her friend to share her laundry with her.

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Goldy adds: "I have a washer and dryer but it’s going to cost $3-$5 (£2.12-£3.53) in water and power to do the amount of laundry that we need to do so why would I do that.

"I’m as passionate about being cheap as I am about music, I look at it as a lifestyle.

“I don’t care what anybody thinks about my cheap penny-pinching ways."

It comes after another stingy woman revealed she buys “crusty” thongs from charity shops to save money.

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