Woman tries waxing off nostril hair with cotton buds – which instantly get stuck

A woman left the internet in hysterics after she accidentally got cotton buds stuck up her nose while she was trying to wax her nose hairs.

Abbie, who posts online as @itsyagirlabbs, shared a video to social media, initially meant to be a Snapchat message to her sister, demonstrating how to wax nostril hair with wax and a "q-tip".

The clip, which has gained more than 750,000 likes, showed Abbie with both nostrils thick of wax and cotton buds shoved inside – which was meant to make them easier to pull.

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However, when she went to rip one out, the wax and cotton stayed in her nose with just the stick coming away.

She was left howling with laughter at herself claiming it looked like she "had a huge bugger". It didn't help that she used murky green wax during the botched job.

After struggling for a while to get it out, she tried to see if the other side would be any better and yanked that one out too – which gave her the same result.

Abbie briefly started to panic saying she couldn't breathe through her nose because of the blockage.

Captioning the clip, she wrote: "Lesson learned. Don't use cotton tip q-tips to wax your nostrils."

In a follow-up TikTok video, she was seen in the car after having successfully removed it and explained to her concerned followers what happened after the camera was off.

She said: "I honestly wasn't thinking, I genuinely was just wanting to wax my eyebrows and I was like, you know what? My nose is looking a little, a little hairy.

"It wasn't like just a little bit, it was like long, so I was like, we're gonna go wax that sh*t. "

To remove it, she said she "ended up just having to get up in there with my fingers and I just like ripped it".

She feared that if she wasn't able to remove it when she did then she would have had to make an embarrassing trip to the emergency room.

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