Woman shares how to remove tough oil stains from clothes with clever hack

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A woman has shared a simple method for getting rid of stubborn oil stains from your clothes.

As a mum herself, Chantel Mila, from Melbourne, Australia, knows that stains from food like olive oil can be difficult to get out of items. So, she has developed a clever method that uses simple household ingredients – and she says it works every time.

First of all, stick a piece of cardboard behind where your stain is on the item of clothing, so your cleaning doesn’t seep through to the back.

Next, you’ll need washing up liquid. Apply it to the stain, Chantel says this helps to break down the oil and grease.

For the next step you’ll need bicarbonate of soda.

‘Sprinkle bicarb soda to draw the stain from the fabric,’ Chantel posted on her TikTok. 

‘Then, use a shoe brush to work it into the fabric.’

Leave the solution to soak for five to ten minutes, then put the stained piece of clothing in the washing machine and wash it as normal.

‘The stain should be disappeared by the time it comes out,’ Chantel adds.

Oil stains are notoriously tricky, so people in the comments were delighted to have found a solution that was neither complicated nor expensive.

‘Thanks so much for sharing,’ wrote one grateful TikTok user.

‘I get oil stains all the time, this is such a great help,’ another added.

With BBQ season in full swing, we have a feeling we will be using this hack more than once this summer.

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