Woman shares hilarious notes her mum wrote to get her out of class in the 80s

If you dig deep enough, you’re bound to find some absolute gems.

Donna Sludds was sorting through some of her old school things when she came across two handwritten letters from her mum, Nora.

The notes were written when Donna was a teenager, in the 80s, and were given to teachers after she failed to show up for class.

However, it’s safe to say that the reasons for her absence would no longer fly in 2021.

On one of the pieces of paper, Nora explains that her daughter wasn’t in school because she was ‘having a haircut’ with her siblings, while the other simply says she wasn’t in class as she ‘had to go to town.’

Donna, from Peterborough, said: ‘It’s funny. It’s a sign of how times have changed.

‘She [Nora] always wrote the truth. I can remember once I took a letter in because The King and I was being shown on telly.

‘She actually put that The King and I was on and she wanted us to see it. You couldn’t record things back then.

‘She was a strict mum, we were brought up with manners and discipline, but when it came to things like that, she’d rather have us at home.’

‘From what I remember, there was never a bad response.’

After posting pictures of the letters on Facebook, the 46-year-old was inundated with replies from people saying they also remember the random excuses their parents told teachers back in the day.

Donna adds that her own children would not get away with the same justifications now.

She said: ‘I don’t think this would go down too well if I tried this with my kids’ school.

‘It’s not the done thing now. You get a call from school if your kids are late or off.

‘A few mums [online] have said “these days that’d be a £60 fine.”‘

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