Woman rages after mother-in-law buys pink baby clothes after telling her not to

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It's a huge moment planning for the arrival of your baby.

But one woman was left devastated when the part where she was going shopping for her child was ruined by her mother-in-law.

The mum-to-be says she has a particular style and has known for years she would only have one kid.

So it's fairly understandable to want to savour all these special moments along the way.

Posting on Reddit, the woman explained how she and her husband planned to buy gender-neutral items for their baby.

Despite knowing it was going to be a girl, the couple told all their family about their plans, reports cafemom.

She also shared how she was going to buy secondhand items for the child as she's attempting to reduce her carbon footprint.

The woman said: "I stay away from plastic and non-sustainable materials as much as possible.

"I'm also not the most feminine person, and the idea of gendered children's clothes always really bothered me.

"Even since I was a teenager I wanted to avoid that when it came time to have my own baby."

But her mother-in-law wasn't keen on the idea and decided to take matters into her own hands.

Instead she bought the couple bags of pink, sparkly baby clothes for her unborn grandchild.

The woman wrote on Reddit: "[Mother-in-law] shows up with, I kid you not, 15 gift bags all labelled by month and each and every one is stuffed to the brim with baby girl clothes.

"Every single item just screams 'grandma' or 'I'm a girl'."

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She added: "I was really looking forward to the experience of shopping for my first and only daughter.

"I was so excited to find items I liked, ones that were more gender-neutral and less in your face girly.

"Just to pick out some stuff and then dress her in things I chose, have it be special.

"It's probably mostly hormones, but I just feel so bummed out."

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The woman continued: "I feel like I'm having her grandchild rather than mine if that makes any sense.

"Of course, I love my baby no matter what her clothes look like, but I just had this idea in my head of how things would be and now it's not that."

Since she shared it on Reddit, social media users encouraged the woman to still do her own shopping.

One wrote: "I'd do my best to sell all the pieces and buy what you actually wanted."

Another added: "I would go through and sort out what you want and donate the rest.

"It's not your fault she spent that money when you expressed not to. Donate it all and move on like it never happened.

"You can tell her you donated it too. You expressly told her not to do that, and she did it anyway.

"I get being excited, but she crossed the line. No one is forcing you to keep them."

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