Woman posts candid snap of her armpit to show she’s hairy ‘99% of the time’

A woman has flaunted her armpit hair to show people that she's hairy '99% of the time' in a bid to show that no woman is perfect.

Izzie Rodgers regularly promotes body and acne positivity to her over 202,000 followers on Instagram.

She's known for posting casual and unedited snaps that show off her natural skin and other parts of her body that society's beauty standards may deem "imperfect."

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Recently, she showed off her armpit hair to highlight that women shouldn't be afraid to flaunt their body hair.

She said 99% of the time her armpit hair is present and noticeable, and it's only actually shaved and nourished 1% of the time.

Izzie shared two snaps which revealed how different her armpits can look within days to get more women to embrace their body hair, and not feel ashamed about it.

Advertising a product for Dove on Instagram, Izzie said: "STOP FEELING ASHAMED ABOUT THINGS YOU CAN’T CONTROL!

"I may not be able to guarantee I will be hairless or not, but I can guarantee I will be smelling lovely with @dove.

"Forgetting to shave your armpits as a woman should never be a reason to turn around and go home.

"I like to look after my armpits with things like a good deodorant, not harsh razors blades.

"@dove ‘s original deodorant will always be my go to because it never leaves my armpits irritated, which I suffer a lot with.

"Made with 100% natural caring oil and 48 hour protection, it’s my fav."

Last week Izzie also opened up about the fact that she'd been down about herself lately, and posted a series of candid bikini snaps.

She shared the pictures to show off her acne, natural tum and lumps and bumps while reminding people that everyone has the right to feel beautiful – no matter how many imperfections they feel they embody.

In a separate post, she said: "Been feeling down about myself lately, but seeing these pictures of me happy at the beach has really helped bring back a little confidence.

"Trips to the sea side with your besties are needed for the mind, body and soul.

"I hope this photo dump makes you feel less alone in your body and your acne."

Many people have praised Izzie for her honest approach since she shared the picture.

Several people have liked the post, and the influencer has since been dubbed "beautiful."

One person said: "Yep – definitely the one on the left.

"It's impossible to shave every day – my armpit would be red raw from the razor."

A second added: "I hardly shave. I simply stopped caring.

"I realised I was doing it mostly for society, and not for me.

"Body hair is no longer shameful to me."

Another commented: "Honestly, the only reason I shave my armpits is when I think the hair starts to smell too much.

"Otherwise I don't really bother with it.

"Same with my acne. I cried and hated myself for fifteen years, and now I'm just vibing with it."


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