Woman, 25, pays off mortgage after earning £60k a month from lads’ racy requests

A woman who used to juggle two jobs now managed to pay off the mortgage on her first home.

Chloe, from Glasgow, worked in a call centre and bar at night before becoming a racy content creator.

The 25-year-old always dreamed of buying her own home and was able to purchase her first for £210,000 in 2019.

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It took Chloe just 12 months after joining Fanvue, an adults-only subscription page, to finally become mortgage free.

Now she's on track to purchase her second property and it's all down to her racy content.

Chloe quit her jobs last year to go full-time as a content creator where she's built a loyal fanbase.

While she creates her saucy content at home, it's the private requests which get her earning loads.

She told Mirror: "Having my own house has always been a massive dream and focus of mine.

"I started properly working as soon as I was able to at 16, saving as much money as I possibly could."

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Chloe turned to Fanvue after she was already popular on Instagram, where she now boasts 123,000 followers.

She admitted: "I had a good following on Instagram before joining and I'm always DMing and creating content.

"I'm quite business-minded and just wanted to make as much as I possibly can."

Some private requests include writing a guy's name on her body – just to make things personal to them.

But with her line of work, she faces some negative backlash.

Chloe admitted: "You've got to focus on the 90% of positive vibes rather than the 10%.

"Honestly, it really has been life-changing."

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