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ENERGY bills will soar for millions this winter as energy companies contend with higher wholesale prices.

The energy price guarantee has meant the average household's bills are expected to be around £2,500 this year.

That's significantly higher compared to 2021 so families will be looking to save money wherever possible.

Now, DIY experts from MyJobQuote have revealed how you can cut back on energy costs by making four changes around your home – and it could save you over £1,000.

Clean up your radiators

Dust and dirt collecting on convector fins inside your radiators can mean heat gets trapped.

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Not only will this make your radiators less efficient but it could create blockages.

Research by Enertek International has found a dirty heating system can increase your energy bills by up to 25%.

So if the average household is paying £2,500 for their yearly bills, that works out at a whopping £625 extra.

To clean your radiator, you just have to turn it off and point a hairdryer between the back of your radiator and the wall.

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This will blow any dust out of the convector fins and onto the floor.

You might want to use a duster to get any stubborn bits out as well.

We previously revealed how you've been using your radiator all wrong.

Clean up your gutters

Blocked gutters can not only cause water to get stuck, they can be costly to get unblocked.

MyJobQuote estimate the average price of getting your gutters cleared professionally is around £200.

Instead, doing them yourself will save you some cash and the fresh air will do you good as well.

It should be done by two people, one holding a ladder at the bottom and the other at the top unblocking the gutters.

Once you've taken all the leaves and other debris out of the guttering, you should wash it down with a hose.

Insulate your pipes before temperatures drop

Frozen pipes can cause huge problems including stopping your heating from working. They can also cause pipes to burst.

If this happens, you might have to spend hundreds calling out of a plumber to fix them.

Instead, lagging, or insulating your pipes with foam insulation can stop them from getting too cold.

Foam pipe insulation can be bought relatively cheaply online.

We found 1 metre of economy pipe insulation at Screwfix for 94p.

Draught-proof doors with foam tape

Draughts flowing through your home are not only a nuisance, they can add to your energy bills as well.

A professional could charge you up to £70 to fix one or you can always do it yourself with foam tape.

All you have to do is stick the tape over the draught to prevent the cold air from getting inside.

We found some on sale at Screwfix for £6.99.

We revealed five of the best draught excluders on the market.

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