What will January 21st to 28th bring for MY star sign?

My Weekly Horoscope: What will January 21st to 28th bring for MY star sign? Oscar Cainer tells all

The New Moon links with Pluto, heralding the Chinese New Year. Meanwhile, Uranus starts moving forwards and the entire zodiac begins pulling in the same direction. Seeds planted now can become a strong, tangible part of our reality.

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March 21 – April 20 

When something difficult pops up, you can deal with it immediately. If it’s impossible, it might take you a bit longer – but you’ll get there. So the situation you’re currently caught up in is baffling. It’s as if you’re involved in a battle you can’t win. No matter what you do, someone’s going to feel upset or wronged. It’s a good job you’re such an easy-going soul, or you’d be gnashing your teeth with frustration. What’s that? You’re gnashing and grinding them? Fortunately, that’s about to change. The worst of this silliness is over. The New Year brings optimism and hope. 

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The New Moon links with Pluto, heralding the Chinese New Year. Oscar Cainer tells you what this week holds for your sign…


April 21 – May 21

A remote castle might be effective at keeping marauders at bay, but it’s not easy for the people living within its walls – there’s no one outside to socialise with. Likewise, cultivating a tough attitude reduces the chance of being broken-hearted, but it also reduces our ability to form meaningful relationships. Protection always comes at a price. Sometimes it’s better to be vulnerable than to be short of compassion. If in doubt this week, err on the side of open-heartedness. Don’t limit your options when there’s so much joy to be shared. 

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May 22 – June 22

It’s one thing to be infuriated, another to be furious. It’s one thing to be determined, another to be obsessed. It’s one thing to be cautious, another to be paranoid. There’s something you want this week. You’re entitled to want it. But if you want it too fervently you won’t be able to make proper use of it when you get it. There’s a point beyond which it’s unwise to go. It’s the point past which passion begins to seem more important than patience. When you get there, pull back. Then you’ll be able to fully appreciate what you’ve got. 

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June 23 – July 23

Sometimes it’s best to keep your head below the parapet. If you want to know if the coast is clear, just send an envoy to check out the environment, and then make a decision about whether to venture out or not. Assume, this week, that you won’t be able to resolve a stressful situation no matter what you do or say. Actually, the more effort you exert, the more heated it will become. The New Moon gives you the wisdom to stay neutral and look after yourself. The warring factions can sort the problem out. It won’t take as long as you think. Let 2023 bring the changes you desire. 

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The New Moon links with Pluto (pictured), heralding the Chinese New Year. Meanwhile, Uranus starts moving forwards and the entire zodiac begins pulling in the same direction…


July 24 – August 23 

It’s easy to feel frustrated when old issues keep popping up and preventing you from focusing on your new plans. Yet this week brings a different, more helpful celestial energy. As Uranus changes direction, all the planets pull together in a combination that encourages you to take the initiative and take bold steps on the road to progress. All those residual past commitments that have been getting in the way can be easily dealt with. Before you know it, you’ll see incontrovertible proof that you’re on the path to success. There’s good reason to be optimistic! 

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August 24 – September 23

When you work in astrology, if there’s a glitch in a plan, people wonder whether Mercury’s turned retrograde. It’s interesting that, with Mercury ruling your sign, you’re also someone who people turn to (and sometimes blame) when things don’t go to plan. But that’s because you’re so organised and responsible, not because you make mistakes. This week, as all the planets move forwards, use your enthusiasm to make miraculous progress with a project you care passionately about. Get ready for applause and appreciation. 

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Sep 24 – Oct 23

You’re searching for something. But how do you know you’re looking in the right place and for the right thing? When you consider that the world’s full of lost items, mislaid belongings and questions that can’t be answered, you see that you’re in good company. When people hunt without success it’s either because they’re looking in the most obvious place or are overlooking something. This week, the legacy of the New Moon encourages you to increase your field and depth of vision. If you cast your net wider, you’ll find what you seek. 

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October 24 – November 22

As the New Moon links with your ruler, Pluto, your emotions are super-charged. This week, if you investigate your inner desires you can access intuitive ways to bring them out of your unconscious mind and into your lived reality. Although intense emotional experiences aren’t easy, they hold the potential to transform your relationships in a positive way. And, as your self-awareness increases, the strength of your emotions can inspire you to make decisions that empower you and those you care about. It’s transformation time! There’s great potential for you in 2023! 

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November 23 – December 21

Most obstacles are opportunities in disguise. If you’re determined to seek a way past them, you’ll be successful. Others are impassable. They’re too big, broad, high or deep. No matter how much effort you make, you’ll be wasting your time. The challenge is figuring out the difference between the two types! The only way to do this seems to involve trying for a while and seeing how far you get. The problem you’re currently embroiled in can be turned to your advantage. It’s worth focusing on it, and giving it one more shot. This year will be much better than you think! 

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December 22 – January 20

Imagination is a powerful and wonderful thing. Life would be bleak without it. There would be no art, no stories, no legends, no music. Yet it also generates unnecessary fear. We can create all kinds of imaginary problems and make them seem incredibly real. Even when other people tell us that we’re worrying for no reason, we refuse to believe them. This week, in the legacy of the New Moon’s link with Pluto, make sure that you’re dreaming up inspiring possibilities. Don’t let anxiety spoil such a positive outlook. The cosmos is on your side in 2023. 

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January 21 –  February 19

Does life have to be difficult this week? Are you bound to experience trouble and tension? Has something got to change beyond recognition? Or can you surf a wave of change and end up in a safe, happy place? Much depends on your attitude. As innovative Uranus, your ruler, changes direction, you can expect surprising developments. There might be upheaval and some challenges to deal with – but you’re absolutely not going to face anything that isn’t helpful. A happy outcome is perfectly possible. 

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February 20 – March 20 

Have you got the right to celebrate? What a ridiculous question! You’re here on this spinning ball of rock, enjoying the gift of life, aren’t you? To suggest this isn’t enough is like insulting the whole of creation. We’re all entitled to enjoy ourselves… it’s just that we get so involved in life’s challenges that we tend to forget. And if we’re not careful, we lose sight of the fact that we’re surrounded by situations and people that deserve to be celebrated. This week brings lots of reasons and ways to enjoy yourself. Go on! You deserve it! 

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