We’ve been ordered to tear down our lovely flower pots by council because they're a FIRE HAZARD – it's ridiculous | The Sun

FURIOUS residents have been told that they must remove flower pots from their balconies as the council now considers them a fire hazard.

Tenants of council properties in Mancroft, Norwich have received letters from the city council demanding that the ornaments be removed.

Norwich City Council now considers the offending pots to be a fire hazard following a safety review.

Many tenants and homeowners received letters from the council's estate management team warning that staff may dispose of the items in any way the council deems appropriate.

Phillip Headdon, 34, who lives on a council estate says that he "received a letter and chucked it in the bin. We have a few plant plots but they are certainly not in the way of anyone."

"This all sounds like something dreamed up by a council jobsworth," added Headdon, "I am certainly not going to be moving anything."


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The letters, sent by an estate management officer, said "We have a duty of care to ensure the safety of all residents and these items could pose a fire risk or obstruction in the event of an emergency."

Tracy Stubbings, who has lived on the estate all her life, says that there is "no sense in it. We're just trying to make it look nice, it just shows a bit of pride in my flat."

Some enraged residents believe that the council should be focussing on bigger issues such as fly-tipping rather than chasing after their plant pots.

Laura Landmore, 42, was told by the council that she would have to move the chairs and small area of fencing outside the second-story flat that she owns.

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She is pleading with the council to be able to keep the fencing that she uses to stop her dog from falling off the balcony.

"I know it seems trivial but I don't have a garden," said Laura, "the important thing for me is protecting my dog while I'm inside working from home.

"There's so much more that needs doing in this area; fly-tipping, needles, glass everywhere, but they want to remove some chairs."

Sandra Bogelien, Green Party councilor from Mancroft, Norwich, said "It makes a huge positive difference when council tenants and leaseholders take pride in their area and make it look welcoming with flowers.

"With serious issues such as drug dealing, discarded needles and fly-tipping blighting council estates, a few plants on outdoor balconies surely should be low down on the priority for the council."

A representative for Norwich City Council said "We understand and appreciate that residents take pride in the areas around their homes.

"We help to support this through our estate improvements programme and the maintenance of communal gardens

"This means we work closely with Norfolk Fire and Rescue Service on our approach to fire safety in council properties and always aim to work with residents to find the balance between making their homes a happy and safe place to live.

"At the same time, all local councils have a duty to keep communal areas free from hazards for the safety of all residents as well as anyone else visiting multiple occupancy buildings."

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