‘We sold our home to live in van – it’s chaos with kids but we’ve saved fortune’

A couple quit their jobs to pursue a life on the road – and they’ve saved a fortune.

Keira and Richard Reid decided to give up on their 9-5 lifestyle after a life-changing trip travelling around Europe in 2019.

Following the adventure, they sold their three-bedroom house in Carlisle, Cumbria.

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They now live in a £16,000 self-converted transit home with their three children and Labrador dog.

Fuel and gas costs are significantly lower than paying off their mortgage – and they’ve cut utility bill costs too.

The debt-free couple only have to think about filling up their water and gas tanks, as well as paying for food shopping.

They told The Sun: "It costs us about £12 every 10 days for gas and that is our heater, cooker and hot water.

"Our food bill hasn't really changed a huge amount, so we are still spending about £80 a week on that – though this depends on which country you're in.

"We are living off savings and the proceeds of selling the house, and we have other bits of money trickling in."

While it can be “chaos” at times, the family-of-five has adjusted to the “nomad” lifestyle.

The kids – Piper, six, Jack five, and Teddy, two – are “van schooled” and encouraged to learn about what they’re interested in.

The couple added: "It can be chaotic with so many of us in such close quarters, but it's so nice to see them bonding and playing together.

"And I believe one of the greatest things is that they get to ask any questions they like.

"They're not in a classroom so don't feel embarrassed. We can be out on a walk and they can just go, 'what is that?’”

In the New Year, the family plans to head to Spain for some winter sun.

We are excited to see where their travels take them next!


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