Viral Video Shows Woman Dump Cheating Boyfriend In Savage Speech At Her Birthday Party

Birthday parties are typically joyous events held to celebrate another year of life and growth. The person being celebrated is often surrounded by family, friends, and well-wishers bearing gifts and goodies. However, things were a little different for Tiana Perea of Houston, Texas.

According to a report from the New York Post, following the discovery of text messages that proved her boyfriend had been cheating on her, the 22-year-old decided to turn the spotlight on him during her 22nd birthday party. Perea used her birthday speech to confront her cheating boyfriend, dump him in front of all their friends, and then posted the video online. The savage video has since gone viral and currently has over 59,000 retweets, 240,731 likes, and has been viewed over 5 million times on Twitter.

In the video, Perea can be seen standing next to a table surrounded by friends. After a roaring cheer of birthday wishes and a couple of celebratory shots of alcohol, she takes a moment to express her gratitude for her friends.

“I would just like to thank y’all for coming here. Like, I really couldn’t ask for better friends,” she began.

By this time, her boyfriend has made his way to stand proudly by her side with a smile on his face. She then switches her attention to her now-ex-boyfriend.

“I’d like to thank Santos for making me realize I deserve so much better,” she said. “Because every single person here knows you were trying to f**k with some girl. All of us have seen screenshots … you were sexting her and sending her videos.”

Santos, obviously stunned by the revelation, stood speechless as Perea continued to list his offenses. She went on to say that he sent her the same photos he’s been sending the other woman. And in case he had any doubts, she was quick to provide clarification on their relationship status.

“In case you didn’t figure it out, we’re over and you can get the f**k out,” she said as she pointed toward the door.

As she finishes her statement to Santos, her brother is seen coming down the stairs with a black duffel bag, which was assumed to be filled with Santos’s belongings. The brother drops the bag and as the disgraced ex makes his way out, Perea called out a friend, saying, “If you knew, screw you, I thought we were cool.” The friend denied knowing about Santos’s cheating and Perea said he could stay and enjoy the rest of the party.

Perea’s epic breakup speech received loud cheers from the room and even more cheers from social media.

If Santos doesn’t learn from his mistake, at least someone else did.

“That’s cold! That’s cold, I ain’t cheating on my girl, never,” one of Perea’s guy friends could be heard saying toward the end of the video.

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