Video of ducks stepping into snow and then rushing back in goes viral

No ducking way! Hilarious footage reveals a flock of feathered friends stepping into the snow and rapidly scurrying back inside because it’s too cold

  • Video showing ducks rushing running away from snow has gone viral on Twitter The ducks are rescues who are currently staying at animal sanctuary in Vermont
  • Flock of ducks can be seen running outside, standing in cold and heading back in
  • The hilarious video was watched more than 8 million times on social media 

We can all relate to poking your nose outside the door and then thinking the better of it because it’s just too cold, and now an adorable video has revelaed the reaction of a flock of ducks who were eager not to feel a chill on their feet. 

A clip showing rescue ducks at the Sho Farm animal sanctuary in Vermont shared to Twitter, shows them heading out of their barn into the snow before rapidly scurrying back inside. 

The viral treat was watched more than 8 million times, as fans said they loved how quickly the animals decided to head back in. 

A video shared on Twitter shows a flock of rescue ducks in Vermont who decided to head back in after discovering their farm was covered in snow 

The ducks could be seen swiftly deciding to head back in just a few seconds after standing in the snow 

The short video started with the ducks enthusiastically rushing out of their dwelling for some time outside. 

The flock, which counted more than 20 birds, moved as one, until it reached the cold. 

Then, the ducks stood still, looking around them at the white spread of snow covering their farm. 

Within second, the whole of the flock made a collective U-turn and headed back inside, until not one single duck was inside. 

After enthusiastically rushing out of their barn, the flock of ducks stood in the snow for a moment, looking around (pictured)

The video was a hit on Twitter, where many swooned and laughed at the ducks’ very relatable reaction to the cold. 

‘I love how they’re like, “Awww, HELL no”,’ one said. 

‘You can actually hear them quack, “WTAF?” before they turn around,’ said another.  

‘This is where the expression to duck in and out comes from,’ one joked. 

‘I just love it,’ one said.  

‘I loved how they all stopped, had a lil meeting and collectively decided “nope”,’ another said. 

The ducks are rescues currently staying at the Sho Farm sanctuary in Vermont, which establishes food systems for wildlife in need of assistance. 

More than 100 khaki campbell ducks live on the far daily and forage on its permaculture orchard. At night, the flock keeps warn in their insulated barn.   

People loved the video, which quickly went viral on Twitter, saying the ducks were very relatable 

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