Victoria Beckham got a haircut in her car on the way to the People’s Choice Awards

Victoria Beckham really trusts her hairstylist.

The 44-year-old fashion designer was on her way to the People’s Choice Awards in Santa Monica on Sunday night, where she was being honored with the first-ever People’s Choice Fashion Icon Award, when she realized he hair needed a little trim.

The former Spice Girl posted a series of videos to her Instagram Stories in which her longtime hairstylist and good friend Ken Paves could be seen clipping away at her dead ends in the back of the car as they made their way to the event.

“So we are now doing hair and makeup in the car,” Beckham said to the camera. “A quick haircut. Why are you doing this, Ken? Is someone late today? Is that why we are literally getting ready in the car?”

Paves retorted, “I’m never late.”

Besides, when you find a stylist who can perfectly execute his job even in the back of a moving vehicle, what’s a little tardiness?

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