Vending machine in Clapham lets you get fresh flowers 24/7

Think how handy that’ll be at 2am, when you’ve drunkenly pissed off your other half and could do with a romantic gesture, or after work when you’re racing to dinner with your mum for her birthday.

As the stall is a machine, you also don’t have to put up with any human interaction to get your flowers. There’s a touchscreen to let you order, while the system allows the kiosk’s owner to track sales live and restock speedily if bunches run out.

The flowers on offer include dramatic bouquets, small bunches, and potted plants, so the machine will also be handy if you forgot your colleague is leaving and needs a gift before the end of your lunch break.

With this and the short story vending machine, we’re entirely ready for machines to take over. Please, add this technology to every station so we never have to remember anything again.

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