Twitter users struggle to work out 550 divided by 2 in viral maths equation

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    Maths isn't an easy topic.

    Some equations can leave people scratching their heads for hours, especially if there's no calculator involved.

    Now if you think you can take on the challenge of solving a basic sum, let's see how you get on with this question.

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    The simple question left many people baffled as they can't figure out the answer to 550 divided by 2.

    Much to the shock of many users, the answer isn't 225 as it's actually something else.

    Do you think you can figure it out? Let us know how you get on in the comments below!

    Those who are magical with their numbers will find the answer is actually 275.

    If you multiply 225 by 2 it equals 450, but people seem to think the result of 225 x 5 is 550.

    On Twitter, one tweeted a meme with two figures taking a third on a stretcher while asking: "What happened to him?"

    The second person responds: "He found out that 550/2 is not 225."

    It then went viral, with 105,000 people liking the post and many sharing their own confusion over the question.

    And it didn't take long for the equation to become a meme.

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    One person wrote: "Is 550 divided by 2 not supposed to be 225? Weird numbers."

    Another commented: "I was today years old when I found out 550 divided by 2 isn't 225."

    However others weren't so confused, as one said: "That's 450, 550 divided by 2 is 275 and 225 + 225 = 450."

    A second posted: "Y'all slow of y’all thought this anyway/ 225 + 225 = 450 . 550 divided by 2 = 275 . 275 + 275 = 550."

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