Trader Joe's Has a Treat-Filled Advent Calendar for Every Dog on Your Nice List

This holiday season is all about pampering pooches.

Target has matching pajama sets for you and your dog, and now Trader Joe’s is offering an advent calendar for canines.

According to Real Simple, word of this magical product for mutts first hit dog owners’ ears on the Inside Trader Joe’s podcast, during which Trader Joe’s President of Stores Jon Basalone informed listeners that the calendar was coming before of Dec. 1.

Well, the moment has arrived: Trader Joe’s devotees are reporting that the calendar is now in stores, posting photos of the treat-filled goodie on Instagram.

Based on the packaging this calendar boasts 24 delicious salmon and sweet potato treats, each behind a cardboard door your pup may need help opening.

A great way to show your dog you are thankful, this calendar retails for $6, reports Real Simple.

So when you are at Aldi buying a wine and cheese advent calendar for yourself, don’t forget to stop at Trader Joe’s and scoop up something for your pup too.


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