TikToker shares bargain way to get bigger lips using ‘plumping’ ingredient you’ll find on your spice rack

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The beauty world is booming with lip plumping products these days, but have you ever tried using cinnamon to get a fuller pout?

Well, that’s exactly what is trending on TikTok right now, after one beauty fan shared the way she achieves bigger, plumper lips using the common kitchen spice.

Posting to her TikTok account, Brittany Miller shared the bizarre hack with her 52.7K followers. In the clip, she mixes cinnamon powder and cinnamon oil and applies directly to her lips for a plumping effect.

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Brittany claims that the results last around six hours, and even “improve lip size over time if you do it regularly”.

In the video Brittany mixed the two ingredients together with a cotton bud, “just so it looks like a little scrub.”

She then rubs the product into her lips, leaving it to develop for two minutes before removing with a make-up wipe.

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If you don’t have cinnamon oil, Brittany claims that “you can switch the oil to any moisturising oil like coconut oil or olive oil”.

“God they look f*cking huge,” she says, showing off her visibly larger lips.

“Much better,” she adds.

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The hack has been viewed over 170K times, with a mixed response from her followers.

Although Brittany doesn’t seem to flinch one bit throughout the process, many TikTokers flocked to the comment section to warn others of the painful circumstances of applying the spice to their lips.

“Ahhh I’ve been stung by a wasp,” one follower says. “No but seriously that stung.”

“It burns like hell,” another writes.

Brittany assures fans that a tingling sensation is normal and they “should only be concerned if it itches and burns for ages”, but her followers don’t seem convinced.

One fan claims that they “cried from the pain it caused”, while another says it left them “blistered for days”.

Although the TikToker seems pleased with her results, we don’t ever recommend using spices to plump your lips.

Instead, try a lip plumping gloss like Milk Makeup Electric Glossy Lip Plumper, £21 here – which has a much more comfortable tingling sensation.

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