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ICELAND is renowned for its variety of frozen food and cheap prices.

But what's best to buy and avoid at the bargain supermarket? We take a look below.

If you're not sure where your nearest Iceland is, you can find out by using the store locator tool on its website.

And you shouldn't need to worry about home delivery costs as the supermarket offers the service for free – and you can get it the next day if you spend a minimum £40 online.

To get free delivery in store, you need to spend a minimum £25.

You'll then just need to book a slot that suits you on the website.

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And remember you shouldn't buy more than you normally do just because you spot a bargain – you're not saving any money unless you need other things.

And always shop around to be sure you're getting the best deal – you can use Google Shopping or to compare prices with other supermarkets.

Now, let's explore what to buy and avoid at Iceland.

What to buy

Branded items and dupes

Many customers flock to Iceland simply for its cheap branded food.

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For example, its very popular for its Greggs sausage rolls which cost £3 for a pack of four.

In comparison, it'll set you back £1.20 (depending on where you live) for one sausage roll from Greggs, so four would cost £4.80.

In fact, we even tried Iceland's cook-at-home sausage rolls, and it's safe to say they taste just as good.

And earlier this year, shoppers spotted an Iceland KFC dupe which they thought tasted "better".

A regular-sized pot of southern fried gravy costs just £1.59 – which is 59p cheaper than KFC.

Retro classics

It's not uncommon for Iceland to release a nostalgic treat from the 90s – which normally pleases lots of shoppers.

Last month, customers noticed Iceland was returning with iconic 90s treat Hubba Bubba – in the form of frozen lollies.

It's exclusive to the frozen supermarket and a pack of four costs £2.99.

Another example was in June last year, when shoppers spotted some dinosaur chicken nuggets in the freezer cabinets.

This time they were turkey, but they only cost £2 for a packet.

Air fryers

Air fryers are all the rage right now – and Iceland might be the perfect place to find a cheap one.

For example, last November, shoppers spotted 4L Tower air fryer for just £35.

And the month before, Iceland sold out of all 20,000 air fryers in under seven days largely because Martin Lewis flagged it in his newsletter.

You can have a look at air fryers on sale on the Iceland website, but of course make sure you call up first if you're planning to buy it in person to check it's in stock.

What not to buy

Fresh veg

The clue's in the same – Iceland is probably better for some for its frozen produce than it is for its fresh.

For example, the 1.6kg bag of British White Potatoes doesn't have the best reviews online.

One said: "Awful quality. Only fit for the bin."

And another complained: "Without a doubt the worst potatoes I have ever bought, ruined my Sunday roast, threw them away."

But keep in mind these are just opinions – they may taste better for you.

Toiletries and cosmetics dupes

You can get a few steals at Iceland for £1 and under, like Colgate toothpaste, but if you're looking for brands, you're better off visiting the likes of Superdrug for a wider range.

You might be better going to Iceland for teeth whitening toothpaste (it's one of the few Iceland sells, and Superdrug charges £1.99 for the same one) but there's altogether 81 Colgate toothpaste products offered on the Superdrug website.

The drug store has items like cheap perfume dupes that cost up to £85 less than big brands.

For example, shoppers most recently ran to Superdrug to grab 100ml of Layering Lab Paradise for £5.32.

Its branded sister, Paco Rabanne's Olympéa, cost £90 in comparison.

And it's not just women's fragrances on offer but men's too – the budget range offers dupes for One Million, Paco Rabanne Invictus and Chanel Bleu.

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Superdrug has a vast collection online or you can visit your nearest one using its store locator.

Just remember delivery costs on top.

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