This Landscape Hotel In Upstate New York Is The Perfect Destination To Find A Moment Of Zen

Have you ever experienced a time when you longed for a moment of true peace and silence? We all have. Living in New York City can undoubtedly be exciting and fun, but there are times when the liveliness becomes exhausting and sometimes even frustrating as it becomes difficult to find a moment to yourself outside of your apartment. Oftentimes, when New Yorkers are seeking a moment of zen, they head upstate for a weekend escape. Just minutes away from the Kaaterskill Falls, where visitors can hike amongst breathtaking views and follow trails to the bottom of a waterfall, is Piaule Catskill – a landscape hotel made up of 24 luxurious cabins.

After an unfortunate canceled trip to enjoy the paradise of Mexico and an upcoming birthday, I was in need of a getaway and fast. Piaule seemed to check all of the boxes and was in great distance for me to make a last minute reservation. The isolated location is only accessible by car, but a road trip turned out to be the perfect way to spend some quality time with my partner and to calm our minds for the peaceful stay that awaited.

Upon arrival, we immediately became more relaxed by the stillness of nature surrounding the site. As we walked up to the main cabin, where guests are checked in and come to lounge and enjoy a daily complimentary breakfast, we were welcomed by the sounds of chirping birds, the breeze moving through the trees and a golden sunset. The earthy tones of the decor and natural elements built into the design created a serene scene as it blended seamlessly with the outdoors.

Every aspect of the site played into the calming environment – including the staff that spoke with happy, soft tones almost like a whisper. After checking in, we opted to walk to our cabins to soak in the fresh air and explore the site a bit. The cabins are all equipped with heated floors, wifi, and central cooling/heating units, but there are purposely no televisions to encourage guests to fully indulge into the natural environment. All bathrooms are stocked with Piaule products such as hand/body wash, lotion, shampoo and conditioner.

Each thought out element inside the cabin felt like an extension of the outdoors – the products smelled like a mix of pine, bergamot, sage and incense just as the outdoors did. Each room also has large sliding doors in front of the beds to provide serene views of the woodlands – visitors can open the doors to experience indoor/outdoor living. 

Our peaceful mornings began with admiring the sounds of nature and heading to breakfast, which was then followed by spending time in Piaule’s on-site spa. The features of the spa include a steam room, sauna, massage room, reading room, a variety of pools and a fitness studio. Aside from the interior aesthetics, which were so content-worthy, all of the different rooms inside also had panoramic views of the woodlands near and the mountains in the skyline – breathtaking views were consistent throughout the entire stay.

When it was time to explore the surrounding area, we looked through Piaule’s list of recommendations for food and activities. On the days when Piaule’s on-site restaurant was closed, there were great alternatives nearby – including Italian and Asian cuisine. When we were in the mood for adventure, we chose to explore the Kaaterskill Falls to hike different trails and see the most beautiful natural waterfalls up close. At this point, our peace of mind was heightened, joy filled the air and it was safe to say our upstate escape was a success.

Whether you’re in need of a moment of zen or if you want to spend some quality, uninterrupted time with family and friends, Piaule is certainly worth discovering for yourself.

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