This is what 51 looks like

This is what 51 looks like: Mother says big bouncy hair, glow drops and exercise keeps her youthful

  • Gillian Robson, 51, lives in Yorkshire with her husband Shaun and son Andre, 18 
  • She goes horse riding every weekend to maintain her youthful figure 
  • She revealed how glow drops contribute to her ageless appearance 

Entrepreneur Gillian Robson lives in Yorkshire with her husband Shaun and son Andre, 18. 


I’ve always had long hair. It’s part of my identity. There’s a lot of it, but it’s fine. So I use TIGI Bed Head Superstar Queen for a Day Volume Spray (£7.75, to add body. I prefer a spray, as it’s more direct and won’t weigh down the hair like a mousse, which can look greasy after a while.


I had a skiing accident in my 20s, which damaged my back. However, I tried a full body massage at a local clinic (£40, and it worked wonders. I’ve been going monthly ever since for 15 years. Afterwards, I feel amazing. It’s my favourite form of ‘me time’. Plus it improves posture.

Gillian Robson, 51, (pictured) from Yorkshire revealed how a combination of glow drops, horse riding and changing career has helped her to stay youthful


Twice a week, I use NeoStrata Tri Therapy Lifting Serum (£74.99, facethe It’s quite expensive but has made a real difference. In only two weeks, my skin felt noticeably tighter and plumper. Its ingredients include hyaluronic acid and amino acids, which hydrate and improve skin tone. It gives a lovely glow under my make-up.

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Every weekend, I go horse riding: the fresh air is good for my mind. It also helps to tone my core and legs. But I stay fit by doing a little exercise every day. I wear my fitness gear to work, so I can go running or cycling at lunch. I also do five-minute bursts of sit-ups and mini knee and arm stretches at my desk. I try not to sit down all day.


In 2013, I was diagnosed with skin cancer. It was a dark time: I had to have two operations and give up my job running a salon. However, I wanted to turn a negative into a positive. I used to spend so much time in the sun, tanning, when I was young. So I decided to set up Tancream — it’s one of the first moisturisers with SPF and gradual self-tan. I use it daily. It’s my second act and has given me a whole new lease of life. When I turned 50, people said I must be mortified, but I feel lucky. It’s an achievement that should be celebrated! 

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