Think the Mannequin Challenge is not for you? These models trying the stillness trick in a gym may be the best reason to love it yet

THESE gym bunnies may have just won the Mannequin Challenge.

In the brilliant video, uploaded to social media by fitness fanatic Bradley Martyn, stunning models strike seductive work-out poses while muscular men freeze as they lift heavy weights.

The Mannequin Challenge has become the latest craze to sweep the internet, with Hillary Clinton, Destiny’s Child and various professional sportsmen joining in.

It involves people filming themselves looking as though they're frozen in time and sharing the footage online with the hashtag #MannequinChallenge.

Still life poses recreated in ripped Bradley's video involve him bench pressing two 'hot chicks', girls pulling off sexy stretches and yoga poses and a woman pausing as she seductively takes a drink.

Considering the physical strain many of them are under, they remain incredibly still as the camera pans around the room.

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The gym-inspired Mannequin Challenge is going down a storm on social mediaCredit: Facebook: Bradley Martyn

Several women hang suspended from bars while another takes a sultry selfie, presumably 'pre-workout' judging by her flawless appearance.

The video has gone down a storm on social media, with several fans commenting on the amazing physical strength – and attractive appearance – of those involved.

It's notched up 13 million views on Facebook, 713,000 hits on Instagram, 161,175 views on YouTube and more than 9,100 on Twitter.

One wrote the Mannequin Challenge was "by far the best one yet" while an Instagrammer commented: "I saw this on Facebook. It's the best one I've seen."

Another joked: "You hold 495 deadlift mid rep, Courtney hold this water bottle."

Real Madrid footballer Cristiano Ronaldo recently got into the spirit of the viral challenge, posing with his national team in his tight white boxer shorts in the Portugal changing rooms.

Manchester United aces Marcus Rashford and and Jesse Lingard also got in on the action, pulling off mannequin poses before busting out some very dodgy dance moves.

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