These News Anchors Helped to Clear The Shelters, and You Can Too

Prospective pet parents can adopt their own furry friend, with reduced or waived adoption fees, on August 17

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Dagmar Midcap

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August 17 is Clear The Shelters, NBCUniversal Owned Television Stations’ annual national pet adoption campaign. On this day, pets at more than 1,400 partner shelters across the country and Puerto Rico will be offering waived and reduced pet adoption fees. It’s an opportunity so sweet and enticing, that many of the anchors at the NBC and Telemundo station that make this event possible each year, have gladly given in to temptation and adopted their own pet during Clear the Shelters or on one of the other 364 days of the year.

Read of to meet some of these anchor animal parents and learn about where you can find a new furry friend during Clear the Shelters at

Midcap, a weather anchor with NBC 7 San Diego, has two adopted dogs: Dolly and Buster. Both of the canines spend their days hiking seaside cliffs, eating holistic dog food and drinking spring water. 

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Nancy Leal

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It’s not just dogs and cats that are looking for a home. In 2016, the Telemundo 39/ KXTX Dallas-Fort Worth anchor and reporter adopted a donkey family of three through Clear the Shelters. 

“They each have their own unique personalities,” Leal says. “They are donkeys, so they are often stubborn, but they will do anything for carrots and apples.” 

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Newy Scruggs

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The sports director for NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth, was worried that his three daughters, who can’t agree on anything, were going to have trouble picking out a new pet, after their dog of 13 years died. But all the girls easily agreed that Rosie the boxer was the perfect pooch for the family. 

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Deanna Durante

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Following the loss of her father, this NBC10 Philadelphia reporter was looking for some fuzzy company and agreed to foster a pregnant feral cat. Even though caring for the feline, who Durante named Mama, could be overwhelming, the reporter got to experience the joy of helping the mother cat welcome her kittens, two of which, Max and Tuxie, Durante and her husband adopted. 

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Carlos Zapata 

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Zapata, a news anchor and reporter with Telemundo 39/KXTX Dallas Fort-Worth, met this mother-daughter pair and could tell the Chihuahua mixes were best friends who needed a home together. After falling in love with each dog’s personality, Zapata gave them the forever home the dogs were looking for.

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Michelle Valles

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Valles, the co-anchor of KNBC’s Today in LA Weekend, felt a kinship to Emmylou the Pembroke Welsh Corgi the minute she saw her. Both Valles and the pup had recently lost a parent when they met, and both helped the other heal. 

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Valezka Gil

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This reporter with Telemundo 31 Orlando thought she didn’t like cats, then she met Lila. Now, she and Lila are inseparable and Gil also helps care for 11 community cats in her neighborhood. 

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Jesus Gonzalez 

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Gonzalez, a reporter with Telemundo Fort Meyers, went to the Gulf Coast Humane Society of Fort Meyers expecting to adopt a different dog, but Axel’s outgoing attitude and tail-wagging convinced Gonzalez that Axel was the perfect dog for him. 

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Kristi Nelson

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This KXAS anchor and reporter swears by pet adoption. She is the proud mom to two rescue dogs, Nicky and Kenzie, that have lived long and healthy lives. 

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Ames Meyer

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KXAS’ Texas Skyranger Photographer bonded with Pepper the moment she met him. Meyer has only strengthened that bond over the past six years by taking the tuxedo cat on leashed walks to pet-friendly stores. 

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