These are the best and worst US cities for finding love

Having trouble finding love? Start treating it like a numbers game.

A new survey from personal finance website Wallet Hub ranked the best cities in America to date based on economics, recreation and dating opportunities.

Researchers found that Atlanta topped the list, followed by Denver, Colorado; San Francisco; Portland, Oregon and Los Angeles. New York City came in 28th place, falling below Phoenix (19th) and Washington, DC (15th).

The survey took into account economics like restaurant costs and job rates as well as available activities and centers for recreation and number of singles in the area.

Dating expert Erika Kaplan was not surprised by The Peach State capital’s ranking.

“The cost of living is remarkably low in Atlanta, making economic status and financial success slightly more vague,” Kaplan, a matchmaker at dating service Three Day Rule, told The Post. “Although there are more ‘successful’ women in Atlanta than men, the lower cost of living makes it easier for singles to date across financial demographic lines.”

But she did not expect San Francisco to come in second because of its high living costs.

“On the other hand, with the tech boom and Silicon Valley hotter than ever, the Bay Area has seen an influx in smart, driven singles who otherwise might never have made the move to San Francisco,” Kaplan, who’s based in Philadelphia.

The survey found that Brownsville, the sixteenth-most populous city in Texas bordering Mexico, was the worst city to find love.

If you’re looking to try your luck for love in another city, experts say to choose carefully before moving.

Glenn Geher, a psychology professor at State University of New York at New Paltz, said daters should have strong social connections and a solid friend group in the city to maximize opportunities to meet potential dates.

“Choosing a city that includes a high proportion of others with similar interests and values to oneself can help,” Geher wrote in a press release. “If you’re Jewish and are only interested in dating others who are Jewish, you might not want to move to Talladega, Alabama.”

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