There Are Still So Many Looming Questions About Ashley On ‘Million Little Things’

Although it’s billed as a family drama, A Million Little Things is also somewhat of a mystery, if only because Ashley (Christine Ochoa) seems so shady. Ashley, the late Jon’s former assistant, seems to have been really close to him and is apparently hiding his suicide note and other pertinent financial info from Delilah, his wife. As A Million Little Things grows closer to its mid-season finale, there are a few questions about Ashley the show should definitely start to address. And soon, because I’m getting impatient.

She’s young and beautiful and smart, seemingly, but Ashley has done plenty of questionable things in just one half-season of this show. Fraud, possibly, given that she deleted all of those files on Jon’s computer, but I’m not a lawyer. Lying, given that she’s hiding Jon’s suicide note, among other things, from his wife. Sleeping with Gary like, ten seconds after his breakup, which was their decision, but I’m #TeamMaggie). She’s not as friendly as her cheery demeanor suggests on many levels.

We can pin a lot of this on Jon — what was he doing that made his assistant be so secretive? A Million Little Things has just two more episodes before its holiday hiatus, and these are the answers fans need — nay, deserve — when it comes to Ashley.

Why Did Ashley Delete All Those Files?

When Jon died, Ashley pulled an Enron and mass-deleted a ton of files on Jon’s computer. I’m sure she didn’t wipe the hard drive or anything — she’s not Julian Assange — but she is deliberately obscuring information from someone. The authorities? Delilah?

Why Is Ashley Still Around All The Time?

Assistants like Ashley become very close to their bosses, but not to their boss’ friends and family. Ashley is hanging around, drinking wine, and learning about unplanned pregnancies like she wasn’t once on Jon’s payroll. Like, why is she at these gatherings? Do these people really know that few people that they have to invite Ashley? Then again, they are the same people who just took Maggie in, no questions asked, so maybe this is their thing.

Who Is Barbara Morgan? Since Ashley Definitely Knows Her

Barbara Morgan is one of the beneficiaries of Jon’s will, and no one knows who she is. No one, I surmise, but Ashley, because this lady knows everything. She knows where the bodies are, and I think after a couple episodes of Vanderpump Rules and a bottle of wine she’d flip.

But, Really, Why Is She Hanging Out With Them?

Seriously! I don’t know why Ashley is just like, always still there. And now she’s sleeping with Gary? This is getting complicated.

Why Is Ashley Getting Jon’s Money?

Reddit user skedssays astutely pointed out that Jon says something in his suicide note about Ashley being the beneficiary of an account of his. Uh, why? To set her up for life, maybe, which would be nice, but maybe they’re family? Maybe they’ve been intimate? Maybe Ashley killed Jon and made it look like an accident? I DON’T KNOW ANYMORE.

Why Does An Assistant Have Such A Big Part In This Show?

Ashley is a riddle wrapped in an enigma, and it seems like the writers want it that way — we’re clearly talking about her enough. Ashley holds nearly all the secrets in Jon’s world (minus the baby, maybe) and there’s been no leaks so far.

The way I see it, the writers on A Million Little Things have some work to do on Ashley before the show returns in 2019. Let’s hope we get some answers soon.

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