The World’s Most Beautiful Flowers

It is difficult to imagine a person who does not like flowers. After all, this is the easiest way to say about your love, feelings, and emotions. Flowers give us happiness, and sometimes they just can cheer up in difficult moments of life. Beautiful bouquet is always a wonderful gift for a holiday or for any other special occasion. It is quite difficult to identify the most beautiful flowers from such a variety that nature gives us. We would like to create the list of beautiful flowers in the world, in our opinion, the most suitable for best flower arrangements.

5.. Lily of the Valley. This flower symbolizes the arrival of spring. It can withstand extremely low temperatures and although lily of the valley is by far one of the most beautiful flowers in the world, it is poisonous, especially its red berries, which often attract the attention of animals and children. The poison can affect vision, cause bradycardia and abdominal pain. Despite this, lilies of the valley are often used in bridal bouquets or as event floral element.

4. Birds of Paradise. The homeland of this exotic flower can be called the southern regions of Africa. The name of the plant itself indicates its appearance (during the flowering period, it looks like a small bird in flight). This most unusual and beautiful flower symbolizes love and paradise in general. The bird of paradise blooms from May until the end of September. An alternative name for it is “flower-crane”. It is not recommended to keep such a plant at home, since it needs constant access to sunlight.

3. Orchids. About 30,000 species of this incredible flower are known. The uniqueness of this flower lies in the fact that each of its species differs drasticall from the others. They can have both a short flowering period and vice versa. Although the size of the buds may vary, the color can resemble the figure of an animal or insect. For example, the Laughing Bumblebee Orchid looks like a real bumblebee, which allows the flower to attract the attention of new pollinators. The variety of colors is amazing: white, yellow, all shades of purple and pink.

2. Hydrangea. Hydrangeas are often called the queen of garden flowers. Their heavenly beauty cannot leave anyone indifferent. The name was given in honor of Princess Hortense, who was the sister of the Prince of the Holy Roman Empire. Later, botanists named hydrangea in Greek, as “a vessel with water”. In Japan, it is called Ajisai, which translates as “purple sun flower”. For the first time in Europe, hydrangea was brought from China by an English botanist in 1789. Hydrangeas quickly became one of the favorite ornamental plants and gained extreme popularity.

1. Rose. The rose is considered one of the most beautiful, romantic and pleasant-smelling plants in the world. The tradition of giving this flower has a deep cultural meaning. It is a symbol of loyalty and love. The yellow rose symbolizes friendship, and the red one symbolizes true and unearthly love. Rose is a perennial plant that often has thorns. There are over a hundred species, and most of them have been found in Europe, Asia, North America, and northwest Africa. The flower has a very pleasant, divine scent. Roses are commonly used to decorate gardens, make perfume and medicine.