The scents that can BOOST your love life

Could wearing the right scent improve YOUR love life? Expert reveals the fragrances you need in your arsenal – from neroli to ignite passion to oud for grabbing a crush’s attention

  • Kim Brookes, founder of Perfino paired up the scents to their according feeling
  • If you want to ignite passion with someone, wear classy Neroli
  • Frankincense can help keep a steady relationship on the right path 

Love is much like our sense of smell – both are multi-layered experiences, and scent has the ability to provoke an emotional reaction from just a whiff. 

A scent can trigger a host of instinctive reactions as it goes up your nose to your olfactory bulb – producing pleasure, disgust, memories, and more. 

Although you can’t make someone fall in love with you from smell alone – there is definitely a way to evoke an emotional response through the scent you wear.

Fragrance expert Kim Brookes, from Bristol, has put together a guide on how to do exactly that with scent – but more specifically with essential oils. 

Essential oils are very concentrated biomaterials which should never be put directly on the skin, instead you should have it on your clothes or hair, or as Kim recommends, in a jewellery pendant.

Here are her suggestions for getting the response you want from a potential lover:  

Essential oils are very concentrated biomaterials, and founder of Perfino, Kim Brookes, who combines oils with jewellery, has outlined which scents can evoke which feelings in your love life


The standout fragrance for romance has to be Rose, the timeless symbol of love and luxury.

It is ultra-feminine, seductive, delicate, with a calming, nurturing effect.

Cleopatra was said to have drenched the sails of the royal barge with rose oil on her way to meet Mark Anthony, and I challenge anyone not to swoon at this most exquisite scent, if swooning is what you are aiming for. But it’s not cheap.

It takes 10,000 roses, hand-picked before sunrise, to generate 5ml, or a teaspoon, of rose essential oil, and although synthetic substitutes abound, none of them capture the true essence of rose. In short, it’s worth getting the real thing and using it sparingly. 


If you want someone to pay attention rather than swoon, then it is hard to beat Neroli.

Neroli is an exquisite, classy, white floral essential oil, derived from the bitter orange tree and introduced in the late seventeenth century by the Princess of Nerola who used it to perfume her clothes and gloves.

It is the most frequently used ingredient in perfumes not just for its exotic nature but because it contains indole, a pheromone which could induce the passion you are after.

Although you should never put pure essential oil directly on your skin, you could follow the Princess of Nerola’s example, or wear some natural scent jewellery. Either way you will be noticed.

If you are falling asleep too much in your relationship, really or metaphorically, or simply need an energy boost, the most helpful essential oils out there are the Citrus family, particularly Lemon, Lime, and Grapefruit.

One sniff of these oils will make you sit up and pay attention, and will have a refreshing, uplifting effect which can only be good. This is allegedly because the chemicals in the essential oils, particularly d-limonene, stimulate hormones such as the happiness hormone serotonin.

However it works, and it could just be the memory of happy Mediterranean holidays, the scent of any citrus oil will energise you and bring you into the present where you will need to be to give that relationship your best effort.

Rose essential oil is the timeless symbol of love and luxury, says Kim, but it doesn’t come cheap – it takes 10,000 roses, hand-picked before sunrise, to generate 5ml, or a teaspoon, of rose essential oil


The tried and tested queen of relaxation is Lavender essential oil. There is a host of experiential and empirical evidence from traditional medicine to show that the scent of Lavender will relax you, reduce stress and anxiety, and generally calm you down.

Modern medicine is also studying Lavender for its effects on the nervous system in various neurological disorders, so this one comes with growing scientific evidence. So, if you want to unwind before the date… or get to sleep after the date… this is the one.

You can diffuse it, drop it into the bath, or on your pillowcase, but probably not one to wear on the date itself!


If your relationship is in a good place and you just want to keep it there, then nothing can beat the scent of Frankincense. Thousands of years of religious ceremonies and worship using this ‘holy’ oil cannot be wrong.

It is a wonderful, grounding scent to enjoy together in your happy place. Grown in very hardy parts of the Middle East, the Boswellia tree must be 8-10 years old before it can be cut, no more than 12 times a year, to collect the healing resin or ‘tears’ it exudes, which is then steam distilled to produce Frankincense essential oil.

As these trees are not covered by the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES), the global trade regulation covering cross border trade in plants and animals, it is super important that this oil comes from a sustainable source.

Buy it sustainably and use it to sustain your relationship.


If you are swiping left right and centre, then it could be time to focus on the right relationship choice for you at this moment.

The one oil that is guaranteed to achieve this is Peppermint.

This oil is a bit of a bully, it scares spiders out of the house but will certainly get your attention when you are making important romantic decisions.

Unlike Rose or Neroli, this one is not expensive and can be used liberally to make sure that you focus on making this, the most important of decisions.


If nobody seems to be out there for you then perhaps an element of drama is called for, and if it’s someone’s attention you are after there are two compelling options. 

The first is Oudh, produced form the Agarwood tree.

With only two per cent of these trees producing this fragrant resin, it is one of the most expensive oils in the world. It has a musky, earthy, spicy scent which people will love or hate but it will certainly get the conversation going, which is a start, right?

Then there is Jasmine, also not cheap but we are making an effort here, and this heavenly sweet, strong, white floral essential oil will always make an impression. So, good luck to all those out there looking for the relationship of their lifetime. 

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