The Internet Reacts To Scientists Labeling Dogs As "Not Exceptional"

A recent study has discovered dogs to be no more exceptional than many other animals, and the internet simply isn’t having it.

There are a number of animals we humans like to keep as companions. Cats, birds, fish, even rats. However, one animal we seem to love and cherish above all others is the dog, and we have done for centuries. Yes, we can almost feel the cat people reading this right now trying to climb through their screens so they can argue with us, but dog is not referred to as man’s best friend for no reason.

Over the course of history, dogs have been domesticated and used to help us with any number of tasks. Today, while their main purpose is to simply be a companion and a pet, they still help us in other ways. Guide dogs and therapy dogs, for instance, are trained to make certain people’s lives a lot easier.

All of this hype surrounding the humble dog, and science still has the cheek to label the animal as “not exceptional.” As reported by the Evening Standard, reserachers recently compared a dog’s cognition to various other animals such as cats, pigeons, and hyenas among others. Their conclusion? “Dog cognition does not look exceptional.” Naturally, the internet has responded in kind.

Upon hearing about the conclusions published in the Learning And Behavior journal, dog fans took to Twitter to vent. Many dog lovers suggested that the article was either written or funded by cats. It certainly sounds as if those who wrote it might be cat people. also chipped in. The study also said your dog “may not be a genius.” By definition of the word may, the researchers have also not ruled that your dog may be a genius.

We don’t care what anyone says, we think dogs are incredibly smart and are way up there on the animal scale when it comes to how exceptional they are. Granted, not all dogs, but a great many of them. We do tend to side with science on 99% of the issues it raises but in this case, we think you might be on your own researchers. The internet has spoken and it believes that you are wrong.

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