‘The Challenge’ Recap: 4 Teams Earn A Spot In The Final After Painful Challenge & Grueling Elimination

Which four teams are headed to the final on ‘The Challenge: Final Reckoning’? After one last elimination, we got our answer on the Nov. 13 episode. Here’s a recap!

This week’s episode of The Challenge: Final Reckoning kicks off with another weekly challenge — and it’s trivia for the SECOND time this season. This time, the teams have to answer questions once again, and if they get the question wrong, they have to walk through a 7,000 volt electric curtain. But, if they get it right, they get to send another team through the curtain. There are five curtains in total, and the last team standing wins.

For the second week in a row, Joss and Sylvia win the challenge, which means they’re safe from elimination AND get their vote for who goes into elimination counted twice. After the secret vote, it’s revealed that Johnny Bananas and Tony have been voted in, with Joss/Sylvia (counts twice) and Natalie/Paulie throwing votes their way. Since Joss and Sylvia are safe, that means Johnny and Tony have no choice but to go up against Natalie and Paulie in Armageddon.

Before the elimination challenge, though, host TJ Lavin makes an exciting announcement — this is the last elimination before the final! That means Joss/Sylvia, Hunter/Ashley and Cara Maria/Marie are automatically heading to the final, with either Johnny/Tony or Natalie/Paulie joining them.

In Armageddon, one team member has to stand with a giant bucket of fermented milk over his/her head, while the other has to drink several glasses of that fermented milk and eat multiple plates of chocolate chip cookies. If the milk and cookies are all eaten, then it’s up to the players holding their arms up to outlast the other. Tony and Paulie kill the eating portion, which leaves Natalie and Bananas to battle it out. Finally, after more than FIVE hours, Johnny can’t take it anymore, and drops his arms, sending himself and Tony home right before the final. Wow!

At the final, TJ tells the players that every individual player in each pair will score their own points throughout the last challenge. Then, whichever player on the winning team has more points will have a “big decision” to make — do they want to keep the money for themselves, or share it with their vendetta? Yup, it’s Rivals 3 all over again. But the question is: Will someone pull a Johnny Bananas and actually keep all that money?! We’ll have to wait and see.

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