The best period pants to buy from Primark to Marks and Spencer

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Periods aren’t the most enjoyable time of the month let’s face it, but seeing as they stick around for quite a while we might as well find ways to make them, well, more comfortable at least!

There are many ways to keep on top of a period, from pads to tampons, but these are known to wreak havoc on the environment.

With this in mind, various innovative companies have been looking for ways to reduce waste and come up with eco-friendly alternatives instead, and, as a result, period pants have risen in popularity – but what exactly are they?

Period pants come in all sizes, fits and absorbency levels, giving you maximum protection during your cycle.

They’re a sanitary product that aim to replace other, more wasteful options on the market and come in the form of leakproof underwear which can go in the wash and can be worn between 8-12 hours each day. Their lifetime span depends on how well you look after them, of course.

How do they work?

Period pants work as the fluid from the body is trapped in the fabric in the gusset of the pants to stop it from leaking onto your clothes.

The most common materials used include merino wool, cotton and bamboo.

How do you wash them?

You will need to wash the pants after using them, so make sure you read the brand’s instructions as some have specific advice on how you can do this.

Here’s a look at some of the best on the high street…

Primark, from £6

Period pants have never been so accessible since Primark launched their very own line earlier this year, they all start from £6 and will banish your leaks for good and don't forget they're super planet friendly!

Marks and Spencer, £12 each

These Marks and Spencer knickers have super-absorbent, anti-odour technology and a triple-layer weave for added comfort and freshness which will last you all day.

Intima by Body Form, £24.99

They're known for their comfortable sanitary towels and now Body Form who also have Vicky Pattison as a brand ambassador now have their own line of Period Pants are we're so here for it!

LOVE Luna Black Period Midi Knickers, £10

The LOVE Luna Black Period Midi microfibre knickers come as a result of Love Luna teaming up with Sainsbury’s to produce period pants in a range of styles.

The amazing and breathable underwear can hold around 15ml, which works out as the equivalent of around two-three tampons.

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The pants come with padded gusset from front to back which is designed with a soft cotton lining and a waterproof layer which helps prevent leakage.

Wuka Flow, £24.99

Made from Lenzing MicroModal fabric, these Wuka Flow pants are so soft and stretchy which is always a plus!

They can be purchased in midi-brief style which provide full coverage and hold up to four tampons worth.

The range varies from sizes four to 20.

FLUX Thong, £25.95

The FLUX Thong might not look like the usual pair of underwear you’d don on your period, but the pants have been designed for just that and make for a great contender.

The thong is perfect for the lighter days, and you can wear it without worrying about the dreaded VPL – which is always a plus!

Describing themselves on their website, they write: “FLUX Thong is perfect for your lightest days, keeping you protected from light leaks, spotting and those pesky dribbles we all get once in a while!”

The thong has five star reviews, too, with one customer adding: “Perfect for early/late days and much more comfortable than your average thong – generally very high quality products and my friend who I got the same one for her birthday naturally agrees.

“Hygienic, sexy, comfortable and convenient. What’s not to love? Seriously.”

Innersy Women's Menstrual Period Underwear 3 Pack, £17.99

They might not be the most stylish on the scene, but Innersy Women's Menstrual Period Underwear 3 Pack is a cost-effective option, perfect for those wanting to give period pants a try for the first time.

The underwear holds two tampons worth of blood, so you might need to pack an extra pair just to be on the safe side.

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They also provide wide back courage and have a protective lining to ensure no messy stains occur.

Modibodi Classic Bikini Heavy Overnight Absorbency, £21.50

Modibodi’s period pants don’t look a far cry from pants you’d wear during your period, anyway!

The bikini briefs, which are the signature of the brand, are suitable for heavier days and overnight and the secured gusset has protection up to the back waist band to stop leakage.

These pants are best for those who suffer from heavier periods as they hold around three to four tampons worth.

Intimate Portal Sensation Aborsbent Menstrual Knickers, £29.99

Intimate Portal's extra leak proof pants provide maximum protection front and back, guarding any unexpected menstrual leakage.

The pants, available in sizes S to 6XL, are an Amazon bestseller and are available in a range of colours and styles.

The briefs can hold up to two light tampon's worth of blood and are made with layers of absorption and protection.

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