The Absolute Best Way To Embrace JOMO This Year

The fear of missing out (a.k.a. FOMO) is basically the worst. It’s the sneaky beast that compels you to go out with your friends even though you’re exhausted. Or the sensation of dread that builds in your stomach when your friends are posting Instagram Stories—without you.

Enter, JOMO—the joy of missing out. It’s kind of unclear where the term originated, but some attribute it to blogger Anil Dash, who used the term in a post way back in 2012. JOMO is widely understood to be that feeling of not giving AF that you’re missing out on something because you’re having such a great time just chilling by yourself.

Sounds pretty amazing, right? Now, even tech companies are getting on board—with Apple allowing people to set limits to their time on social media (because, yeah, you know Facebook and Instagram basically invented the concept of FOMO in the first place).

Struggling to get on board? It might be all about creating the right environment for yourself to be totally blissed out during me time. Women’s Health partnered with Bespoke Post to create the limited edition Unplug box featuring some seriously awesome goodies that will prime you to chill the eff out.

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