‘That’s kind of embarrassing’: Dax Shepard admits he got fired from ‘Will & Grace’

Dax Shepard is getting real about rejection. 

During Monday’s episode of his “Armchair Expert” podcast, Shepard talked with “Will & Grace” actor Sean Hayes about the hit NBC sitcom – which Shepard happened to be fired from. Ouch. 

News that Shepard was tapped to guest star on “Will & Grace” broke in November 2017, but the actor says his table read did not go over well. In fact, the show’s producers and creator decided to go in another direction.  

“Had it been any other thing with a bunch of strangers, I would have been like, ‘Oh, whatever. I was at a table read for 45 minutes and then I got fired. Who gives a (expletive)?'” Shepard told Hayes, who was present at the table read. “The only (unfortunate) thing is there was no anonymity to it for me. I knew many of the people at that table read.”

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