Terrified mum checks baby monitor and spots hairy spider land on daughter’s face

A mum has shared a chilling video of a spider crawling on her baby girl's face while she was sleeping in her cot.

In the clip, the baby monitor shows a hairy spider wriggling around close to the lens and casting a spooky eight-legged shadow on the cot where the toddler is sound asleep.

Worse, the spider then spins a web and abseils down to where the tot is asleep and it appears to land near the baby girl's face.

Emily Stewart, mum to toddler Kyla, sounded pretty creeped-out in the caption and wrote: "Trigger warning!! I think my life would have been better if I didn’t see this.

"Now I have to burn the house down."

The video was watched more than 1.3 million times since Emily uploaded it on her @emstewie17TikTok on Tuesday (January 4) and thousands of people left comments.

One viewer said: "The spider even showing up was bad but then it zipped down toward the baby. Ma'am, I screamed."

A second person commented: "It's like a claw machine and they're going down to win the baby I feel sick."

"The spider had the ENTIRE ROOM and it chose right there to spin down," a third user wrote.

Another user asked: "How big was it? That shadow makes it look like a tarantula."

"I changed my son's diaper one day and there was a dead spider in his poo," confessed someone else.

In a follow-up video, Emily revealed the spider had left the tot alone and crawled back up to the camera and she had then managed to "apprehend" and kill the critter.

She said: "Baby is ok! She was not bitten. The spider came back up a minute later and I killed it in the morning after I saw the video."

Relieved viewers said it was good to know the tot hadn't been hurt and could sleep safely.

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