‘Teen Mom OG’s Catelynn Lowell Accused Tyler Baltierra Of Cheating Before Separation — Watch

‘Teen Mom OG fans were shocked when Tyler Baltierra told Catelynn Lowell he wanted a trial separation from his pregnant wife. Now she’s accusing him of seeing another woman.

Tyler Baltierra and Catelynn Lowell have had a year full up ups and downs, including her three trips to rehab for anxiety and depression. But their family is about to expand as they’re happily expecting a little girl after Cate’s heartbreaking 2017 miscarriage. Teen Mom OG viewers were floored on the Nov. 26 episode when Tyler said he wanted a trial separation from pregnant Cate and after being a couple since their middle school days, and that left her wondering if he wanted time away from her because of another woman.

“I texted him and asked him is there somebody else,” Cate told a producer during the episode. “He’s like, ‘What the f—k? Do you think I would cheat on you?’ No, but it was so blindsiding. The separation thing is going to be hard but it’ll be good for me so I can focus on me and Nova,” she said referring to the couple’s three-year-old daughter.

Tyler dropped the separation bomb on Cate when they were on a couple’s retreat in Sedona, AZ and the fallout was seen on the show. “Construction is done on the new house and we’re going to do our trial separation and live separate,” he told her trying to stay upbeat, but Cate wasn’t having it. “Am I jumping of joy for it? No!” she responded.

“The intention is not to bring up your anxiety or make you feel any of your core wounds,” he told his wife but Cate, 26, was still stung by his decision. “In that moment it did trigger me. It did bring up wounds. It was scary,” she responded. “It was sad and it was hurtful. When people say they want to separate, they want to leave, it seriously does feel like somebody died. It’s bringing up the old wounds from the miscarriage and that’s traumatic.” Tyler explained, “I know, and that’s why it was so hard to say it. It was the worst possible thing for you to hear.” Ty then told a producer “After the month, Cate can come home to a brand new house all nice and fresh,” making sure the audience knew the separation was only temporary.

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