‘Teen Mom OG’ Recap: Ryan Goes Back To Rehab After Relapsing & Kristine Suffers A Miscarriage

For months, it was widely reported that Ryan Edwards had gone back to rehab. But now we have a confirmation, thanks to the Nov. 5 episode of ‘Teen Mom OG’.

Mackenzie Edwards made yet another unexpected appearance on Teen Mom OG, during the Nov. 5 episode, when she confirmed Ryan had gone back to rehab. “He has checked himself into a long-term, 90-day rehab facility,” Mackenzie and Ryan’s mom, Jen, told a producer when they were asked where Ryan was. “We can’t talk to him for seven days, and they’re pretty strict. [He gets] two phone calls a week for 10 minutes,” Jen further explained. As for why Ryan went away, his dad, Larry, said, “He knew he needed help. He picked the place. He wants to do better.” Jen then added, “It was a relapse, or slip — whatever they want to call it. And I think that’s why he realized it was out of control, and he needed to get a hold on it.” Mackenzie said Ryan finally realized that his kids “deserve better,” and even though he’d miss the birth of their child while away, Mackenzie was okay with it — as long as he gets better “forever”. Jen also admitted that Maci did not yet know about Ryan being back in rehab, but they were planning on telling Bentley soon — they just didn’t know how they were going to do that except tell him that “just because you’re an addict, [that] doesn’t make you a bad person.”

Meanwhile, Kristine revealed her own secret to production, when she shared that she had recently experienced an ectopic pregnancy even though she had previously had her tubes tied. While fighting through tears, Gary‘s wife told a producer that she was experiencing pains in her side and chest before seeing a doctor. And once at the doctor’s office, she was told she was carrying a fertilized egg in one of her fallopian tubes. They even did an ultrasound, so Kristine heard the baby’s heartbeat, which made everything so much worse for her. And when she found out there was nothing they could do to save the baby, she lost it. When Kristine later told Amber, Amber also revealed her own miscarriage story, which you can read about here.

Later, Catelynn and Tyler dealt with their own struggles when trying to contact Brandon and Teresa about a potential visit with Carly. Unfortunately for them, Teresa said it wasn’t the best time to see Carly because she’s now a 9-year-old young lady and trying to find her own identity. When Catelynn pushed for more details, Teresa told her she can’t say anymore than she already has and they need to respect that. It was frustrating for Catelynn and Tyler to hear, but they both agreed to “relinquish control.”

Elsewhere, Bristol was left dealing with an issue as well after her family’s longtime stalker broke into Dakota‘s house in Kentucky. Fortunately, no one was home, but the stalker got away so she and Dakota both became fearful about whether or not he’d find their other homes. Especially when the kids are home.

And finally, Cheyenne decided to give Zach another chance, but Cory wasn’t too thrilled about it. He and her dad’s family felt that because they’re constantly “up and down”, she should seriously consider ending the relationship once and for all.

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