‘Teen Mom 2’ Crew Members Refuse To Work With Jenelle Evans Because They’re Afraid Of Her Husband David Eason

Jenelle Evans’ role on Teen Mom 2 may be in jeopardy.

According to a new report, MTV crew members who have been filming her story are now refusing to do so out of fear over her husband David Eason’s often erratic behavior.

“After the first video [of David threatening to shoot trespassers who came on The Land] incident, several of them said they will no longer accept shoots with Jenelle, because they are downright scared to go anywhere near her, out of fear of what David may do,” an insider told The Ashley’s Reality Roundup on January 2.

As some Instagram users may have seen, Eason received a visit from the secret service last month and afterward, he warned that if anyone else were to come on to his property without first contacting him, they would be shot.

Not surprisingly, the Teen Mom 2 crew no longer feels comfortable working with Evans. As a second source explained, Eason has made it clear that he does not like a number of people from MTV, which has made a number of Evans’ crew members feel unsafe. He’s also been open with the fact that he has a ton of weapons in his possession that he keeps at the home he shares with Evans in North Carolina.

According to a second source, crew members involved with the MTV reality series have had discussions with one another about the possibility of being hunted down and shot by Eason during one of his rages.

“His videos and [recent] actions make people think he’s erratic and unpredictable,” the source added. “Some of the people who used to work Jenelle’s shoots don’t want to risk being anywhere near David.”

While there have been spats between the show’s stars and crew members, the outlet told readers that this is the first time staff has refused to shoot scenes out of safety fears.

“It definitely puts the [higher-ups] in an uncomfortable spot,” the first source told The Ashley. “They can not force anyone to work with Jenelle. The producers and certain others are employees but most of the crew and other people who work on the shoots are all freelancers. They get calls asking them to cover a certain girl’s shoot at a certain time, and lately, a lot of people are turning down the Jenelle shoots. They feel it’s just not worth the risk to be there if something goes down.”

Teen Mom 2 Season 9 is expected to air on MTV sometime next year.

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