Student left with 'permanent damage' when ear piercing became infected

Student, 19, left with ‘permanent damage’ and a ‘deformed ear’ after a piercing became dangerously infected and doctors had to surgically remove the earring

  • Stella Blezard, 19, spent £30 on a cartilage piercing earlier this year in her ear
  • University of West Anglia student, from Norwich, woke to find her ear inflamed
  • Antibiotics failed to help and doctors performed an emergency surgery on her
  • She was left with ‘heart-shaped’ hole in her ear where the piercing was removed 

A student underwent emergency surgery and was left with a ‘deformed’ ear after one of her piercings became infected.

Stella Blezard, 19, from Norwich, spent £30 on a piercing in her ear cartilage earlier this year, but within hours it had become inflamed.

The following morning she woke up in agony and found that her ear was swollen and crusty.

After consulting her GP she was given a prescription of antibiotics.

Stella Blezard, 19, (pictured) a University of West Anglia student from Norwich, paid £30 for an ear piercing earlier this year, only to discover her ear had become infected hours later

She woke up in agony and found that her ear was swollen and crusty and was given antibiotics by her GP when she sought help. These failed to help though and her ear continued to balloon and fill with puss

However, after a week her ear continued to balloon and filled with puss, and she decided to go to A&E.

After checking in, Stella was put on an IV drip and was told that doctors would have to perform an emergency operation because her ear had become dangerously infected.

The surgery saw doctors slice open Stella’s ear in order to remove the piercing and a ‘heart-shaped’ indent was left in her ear. 

Stella, who attends the University of East Anglia, now wants to warn other people about the potential dangers of getting new piercings.

Stella noticed that her ear had gone red only days after getting the piercing (left). After doctors operated she was left with an indent at the top of her ear (right)

‘My ear was so swollen it actually covered my piercing,’ she explained. ‘It really hurt after getting the piecing. I’ve had others done before.’

‘The next day it was just really red which I thought was a bit weird. It just kinda sucks it happened.

‘I try not to tuck my hair behind my ears to not bring attention to it.

‘I just wanted a piercing and now have been left with permanent damage.’

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