'Spy x Family' Episode 4 Preview: Enter Eden Academy

Spy x Family Episode 3 saw the Forgers preparing for Anya’s acceptance interview at Eden Academy, and the anime’s next installment will determine if their efforts pay off. Loid, Yor, and Anya will visit the school during Spy x Family Episode 4 — and judging by the preview, they may face a few hiccups when meeting with the institution’s leaders.

[Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers for Spy x Family Episode 3, “Prepare for the Interview.”]

The Forgers head to Eden Academy in ‘Spy x Family’ Episode 4

Spy x Family has talked a lot about Eden Academy, with Operation Strix resting on Anya’s acceptance to the prestigious institution. But even if the anime mentions the school regularly, it has yet to take us there. The preview for Spy x Family Episode 4 suggests that will change in the next installment.

After spending most of episode 3 stressing over Anya’s interview, the Forgers will finally see how they fare against the school’s leaders. And it looks like they’ll indeed face some hiccups during their meeting. However, their problems may be unexpected ones. Although Twilight was concerned about coming off as “cultured,” it looks like they’ll have other things to worry about during their latest mission.

The preview for ‘Spy x Family’ Episode 4 teases a few hiccups

Episode 3 left things on a hopeful note for the Forger family, but the preview for Spy x Family Episode 4 promises unexpected obstacles during Anya’s acceptance interview.

A brief glimpse at the next installment shows the Forgers arriving at Eden Academy. And although they look the part, Anya’s tears suggest something will go awry later on. Twilight was worried about her being too forthcoming and eager, but it looks like the interview could go in a completely different direction. And that’s not to mention the final clip of him lunging across a desk — a surefire sign that he could compromise the interview rather than Anya or Yor.

Of course, it’s possible something else is going on at Eden Academy. The preview also features a shot of an animal on the loose, as well as a prospective student in trouble. Could one of Twilight’s enemies track the Forgers to their interview? That may hurt their chances of impressing the school’s leaders further. So, what does all this mean for Operation Strix?

What does the preview mean for Operation Strix?

With fans rooting for Anya to get into Eden Academy, the preview for Spy x Family Episode 4 could seem worrisome. However, the anime’s ending theme suggests there’s still reason for hope. Although Anya’s acceptance interview promises to get emotional, the animation from the Spy x Family outro features shots of Eden Academy and its students and teachers.

That suggests that Anya will get into the school one way or another. Knowing the Forgers, they’ll have to take the long way to their destination. Twilight may have to work twice as hard to get his adopted daughter into the school. But given his dedication to his mission, he’s likely to come up with something — even if it’s not the most traditional route.

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