Spoilers: Kyle’s secret revealed and fears for Nicolette in Neighbours

Secrets and distrust will be the undoing of the Neighbours this week when Nicolette (Charlotte Chimes) is pushed to her breaking point and Kyle (Chris Milligan) breaks Roxy’s heart.

Aaron (Matt Wilson) and David (Takaya Honda) are struggling to trust Nicolette after she disappeared with their baby, but their behaviour is doing more damage than they realise. Could their behaviour push Nicolette to do the one thing they’re afraid of?

Kyle (Chris Milligan) is carrying around a huge secret and Roxy (Zima Anderson) is getting worried. When he takes a mysterious phone call it’s enough for Roxy to snap and confront him, but how will she cope with the truth?

Harlow (Jemma Donovan) is behaving super strangely, especially after Brent’s return. Can he get to the bottom of what’s wrong?

And Hendrix (Benny Turland) and Mackenzie (Georgie Stone) are also both harbouring secrets. Actually, it’s the same secret – that they’re both horny as heck but aren’t sure if the other feels the same. Will they realise they’re on the same page and take things to the next level?

Here’s what’s ahead on Neighbours.

Aaron and David fear Nicolette will disappear

In fairness to David and Aaron, Nicolette has got form when it comes to running off with their baby, so the dads can’t be blamed for being a little edgy in leaving her along with the kid. They’re forced to do so when they both have to work, so they devise a cheeky little plan. They both plan to ‘pop in’ during the day, with the ulterior motive of checking up on her. But Nic ain’t no fool. She knows what they’re up to and loses it at their distrust, especially given that the reason she ran off in the first place was because of them. They brought this on themselves but they’re taking it out on her, and she is not here for it.

Harlow adds fuel to the fire

Harlow can see Paul is miserable without Terese, and Terese is pretty much the same. So for some reason Harlow decides she’s the gal to fix it. She’s spurred on by Paul, who is more than happy for his granddaughter to meddle and manipulate Terese into taking him back, and she puts a plan into action of inviting Paul over to dinner. It backfires on them massively when Terese learns of their scheme and hits the roof. Has Harlow just helped hammer the nail into the coffin?

Nicolette hits back

Nic is fed up of the surveillance. It means she’s getting no alone time with her own daughter. While she understands they’re afraid she might take off, enough is enough. Nic is later further incensed when she learns the new dads have been making calls to Leo about seeing Abigail. She feels betrayed for Isla’s sake, but the boys hit back – if she won’t give them baby time they’ll get it elsewhere.

Through this they finally hit the crux of the issue – they need to draw up a new parenting agreement. Nic gives them 50/50 and the boys are furious – they signed up for way more in their original agreement. Things have changed and they are not willing to accept it. Could this be about to turn nasty?

Amy turns stalker

Green is not Amy’s colour, and her double standards don’t look good either. Amy wants to be the only poly in her polyamorous relationship, and she does not like being the jealous one. She cannot handle Levi spending time with Felicity. Wanting to know more without Levi knowing she’s feeling jealous, she tricks Ned into stalking him and Felicity. Unlucky for Amy, she learns they’re getting on like a house on fire. Has she lost her man, and her dignity?

Harlow, you ok hun?

Things aren’t rosy for Brent and Harlow despite their reunion post his prison stint. She’s far too defensive of Paul, the man who put Brent away, which doesn’t sit well with Brent. He also isn’t keen on how much Paul has got Harlow lying for him. She’s not the Harlow he fell for and he lets her know it – by breaking up with her. While some might be shocked that the boyfriend they’ve waited for unceremoniously ends their relationship, Harlow takes this strangely well. There are no tears or begging him to change his mind, she just quietly accepts it. This is not the reaction anyone expects. What’s going on with her?

Hendrix and Mackenzie head for the next level

Hendrix and Mackenzie find themselves on an unwanted break after she suggests they take time out and he accepts it. He’s been under a lot of strain lately and needs to get his head together. But he misses her and calls her over for an evening of video games. They both secretly hope it might mean more, and sure enough they end up snogging each other’s faces off. But just as they are about to take things further, they are interrupted by Harlow. They’re both left frustrated, but it makes them separately realise they are ready to get intimate. They separately take advice from Kyle and Roxy, who encourage them to let the other take the lead. But this leads to a very, very awkward situation.

Kyle’s big secret

Something is going on with Kyle, Roxy senses it, and when he announces an impromptu trip to Frankston she knows she’s not imagining it. Things are weird. She suggests she goes too and Toadie even jumps on the bandwagon, but Kyle insists he needs to go alone. But why? Roxy later overhears a suspicious phone call and her anxiety peaks. What is Kyle up to? Caught out, he’s forced to confess his serious reason for needing to go on the trip. Roxy is beside herself and as he goes to leave, she reveals how terrified he is. But Kyle takes her by the hand and reassures her that whatever is coming their way, they’ll face it together. What’s going on?

Scenes air from Monday October 25 on Channel 5.

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