Should You Celebrate Your 6 Month Anniversary? 6 Women Share Why It Matters

Far past the first date butterflies, but not quite at ’till death do us part, six months into a relationship marks a special time. Your connection is still shiny and new, something to gush about, and yet, it’s grown more stable. But should you celebrate your six month anniversary? For six months you’ve been goin’ steady and you’ve started to feel it, out in the world and deep in the bedroom. With social media everywhere, it can sometimes feel like everyone and their mother goes all out for anniversaries. It can be hard to navigate what your #FOMO wants, and what feels right to you and your partner.

From weekend trips to movie nights, to nature walks or berry picking, there is no one right way to mark your six months. Relationships evolve over time. The closer you get to someone, and the closer they get to you, emotions run wild. It can be a bonding time for you and your boo to take a moment to reflect on how far you’ve come, and where you want to be heading.

I spoke to six women about the six-month marker, and all the reasons to consider celebrating your new love’s first half-birthday, over and over again.

1You can ask for what you want.

—Lena, 24

2The ice is broken.

—Erika, 24*

3It’s good to celebrate!

—Maya, 26

4You can keep it simple!

—Siby, 32*

5Because, you did it!

—Jenn, 22*

6Because you can!

—Kendra, 27

Was it Shakespeare who said, ‘To celebrate your six-month, or not to celebrate your six-month?" Dating for half of a year is huge. You’ve met someone you vibe with, who vibes with you, and you’re doing great at spending time with this person regularly. From fancy nights to messy night, to nights where you never even leave the house, there is no one way to celebrate your six month anniversary. This day is all about how far you’ve come, and all the places your love has yet to go.

*Names have been changed.

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