Shh! Anti-agers no one but you need know about

Shh! Anti-agers no one but you need know about: Freeze your way to get brrrright eyes

  • Beauty director Inge van Lotringen advised a reader on anti-ageing treatments 
  • She suggests cryotherapy to stimulate collagen around the eye area
  • Inge consulted with Dr Philippe Hamida-Pisal who advises having three sessions

Q Is there an effective anti-ageing eye treatment that doesn’t involve needles or pain?

A Rejuvenating eye-area procedures are popping up like mushrooms, promising an end to crepey skin, puffiness and dark circles.

They all involve needles or a level of heat damage, said to stimulate new cell growth and fresher-looking eyes. But I tried several and on my delicate skin, the ‘temporary’ damage (burns, bruises) often causes lasting sensitivity and discolouration.

An anonymous reader asked beauty director Inge van Lotringen for advice on reducing the signs of ageing around their eyes without needles (file image)

There’s one option I’m really impressed with, though: cryotherapy. A small device with two metal balls, cooled to -15c, is rolled over your upper and lower lids, moving fluids towards the lymph nodes.

The cold (it feels nice) is anti-inflammatory, drains stagnant fluids, and ‘between -15 and -18c is shown to stimulate collagen’, says Dr Philippe Hamida-Pisal (, who charges £150 per 20-minute treatment (he advises having three).

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I was cynical but the results were remarkable. The lumpy puffiness under my eyes has gone, and my many lines have visibly softened, all without the (for me) standard-issue inflammation and discomfort.

Full-face cryo treatments, involving a beam of icy liquid nitrogen passed over the face (from £50 nationwide), leave skin similarly soothed and perked-up.

Inge (pictured) advised the reader to try cryotherapy to stimulate collagen

Ingeborg van Lotringen is beauty director at Cosmopolitan. Email questions to [email protected]

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