’Sex & The City 3’ Had A Tragic Plan For Mr. Big That Would Have Changed Everything

Um, spoiler alert for a movie that may only ever exist in our dreams. On the Nov. 19 episode of the Origins podcast, host James Andrew Miller revealed Mr. Big apparently dies in Sex and the City 3. Played by Chris Noth, Mr. Big was Carrie Bradshaw’s on-again, off-again love interest for six seasons and two movies, ultimately letting fate take the reins once and for all by the series finale. (Yes, there was that whole "he torpedoed their wedding day because she didn’t answer her cell phone" hiccup in the first movie, but it all worked out before the credits rolled.)

They were the OTP of the show, the stiletto-crossed lovers of the franchise. And if that fabled third Sex and the City movie came true, it sounds like Big and Carrie’s love story would take a tragic turn. But again, we almost certainly will never see this happen on the big screen, what with the plug getting pulled in a most dramatic fashion and all last year. Once upon a time, it seemed like something that was going to happen. But then, it became clear that the movie will (probably) never happen. In September 2017, Parker confirmed to Extra that the third Sex and the City movie was officially off.

And now it’s November 2018 and Sex and the City 3 is no closer to becoming a reality. And it may never happen. But if it were to make it to the big screen, the third Sex and the City movie would reportedly kill off Big. And we know this because Miller divulged as much on the Origins podcast.

Speaking with the stars and writers of the film on Monday’s episode, Miller explores how and why the fall of Sex and the City 3 happened. Kim Cattrall declined to speak with Miller, but according to "people close to Kim," the actor who played Samantha Jones apparently wasn’t into the salary situation or the script. Those insiders told Miller that they "believed the script for the movie didn’t have a lot to offer for the character of Samantha."

Miller continued,

Noth has not read the script, but he did tell Miller that he "heard it was really a superior script, probably having learned the mistakes, from not the first two, but at least the second one." Noth also admitted he wasn’t into the first two Sex and the City movies, calling them "corny" and "sentimental as hell."

Noth is not the first person to praise this legendary script. When SJP confirmed to Extra last fall that the movie had been scrapped, she said,

Oh, Sex and the City 3. We may never know you, but we’ll never stop wondering what might have been.

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