See Them Go: Stars Who've Run the New York City Marathon

Though the model was “a bundle of nerves” before hitting the road in 2017, she finished the race in four hours, 41 minutes and showed off her hard-earned medal on Instagram. 

“It’s an amazing feeling,” Hart said on Instagram after finishing the 2017 race. “I can check this goal off my list!” His next goal: to run four more — and beat his time of four hours, 5 minutes. 

“What an awesome day,” the Real Housewives of New York star wrote on Twitter once she finished the 2017 marathon in six hours, 42 minutes. “It’s good to put your mind to something.” 

The singer only started running six months before the 2017 race, but managed to finish all 26.2 miles in four hours and 39 minutes on behalf of Change for Kids and The National Kidney Foundation. “I woke up one morning, bought sneakers, ran in Central Park and that was it,” he told PEOPLE Chica.

You can do it, Alicia! The singer hit mile 16 with a smile as she ran the 2015 marathon for her Keep a Child Alive charity, which provides children affected by HIV and AIDS with necessary medications.

Unfortunately the 2015 race didn’t end as planned for the former 30 Rock star, who was hit with a serious leg pain around mile 25 and had to be helped across the finish line by fellow runners. But “the kindness of other runners on such an incredible day is emotionally overwhelming,” she wrote. “I’m so thankful for them and thankful for everyone who came out and cheered me on. I finished later than my goal, but I’m so happy I was able to finish. Marathoners rock!”

The reality star, who trained for months for the 2013 run, started the race dead last – on purpose. For every runner he passed, Timex would donate $1 to Fab-U-Wish, the breast cancer charity started by his wife, E! News anchor Giuliana. His time of four hours, 57 minutes earned the group $30,000.

Though it had been 16 years since she ran on the beach to fulfill her Baywatch duties, the actress proved she was still in good shape when she finished the 2013 marathon in five hours and 41 minutes. But instead of her famous red bathing suit, she dressed the part of athlete in workout clothes. “I had friends ask me to [wear the suit],” said Anderson, who raised $76,000 for the J/P Haitian Relief Organization. “The bad thing was, I did think twice about it!”

It took the Extra host four hours and 23 minutes to run the 2011 marathon. According to, Lopez took the race seriously but also had fun: he stopped in the Bronx and “did a little salsa dancing. And then I realized, okay, I need a respectable time so I picked it up,” he joked.

Zohn proved he could survive more than just a few reality-show competitions – in 2011, he also survived the New York City marathon, which he ran to raise money for his Grassroot Soccer charity. What made the Survivor: Africa winner’s effort even more impressive was completing the race in four hours and 20 minutes just one week after revealing that Hodgkin’s lymphoma, which he’d battled in 2009, had returned.

Olympic gold-medal-winning speed skater Ohno ran his first marathon in 2011 with – not surprisingly – impressive results: He completed the course in just three hours and 25 minutes. Ohno (shown here with his dad Yuki and Subway spokesman Jared Fogel at the finish line) earned a $26,200 donation from Subway for the Special Olympics. “Awesome,” he told reporters afterward about the race. “Can’t beat this, man. You really can’t.”

In 2009 Norton and Morissette ran the distance for their African-based charity, the Maasai Wilderness Conservation Trust. The actor clocked in at three hours and 48 minutes, while the singer, running with her twin brother, was done in four hours and 28 minutes. “It was such a thrill but I’m burnt,” Norton told PEOPLE at the finish line, but admitted, “I would absolutely do it again.”

In 2008, the actor finished the grueling 26.2-mile run through the five boroughs of New York City – Staten Island, Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx and Manhattan – in just three hours and 50 minutes. “When I saw Michael J. Fox on Fifth Avenue, I gained about 15 pounds in goose bumps,” said Reynolds, who ran for Fox’s Parkinson’s research foundation in honor of his father, who has the disease. “It kind of pushed me through the last six miles or so.”

Back in 2007, Holmes’s biggest supporters were then-husband Tom Cruise and 18-month-old daughter Suri. The actress trained for three months and completed the race in five hours and 29 minutes. Back at her hotel, she told PEOPLE, “I’m good, but I’m feeling very tired.” Which leg of the race was the toughest? Holmes admitted with a smile, “They were all challenging.”

In his first marathon ever in 2003, Diddy took four hours and 14 minutes to reach the finish line, despite painful leg cramps that hampered him for half the race. “I’ve never experienced mental or physical pain like that,” he said afterward. “But it was a beautiful experience.” His efforts raised $2 million for various health, social and educational charities.

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