Scorned Woman Gets Back At Her Fiance By Reading His Cheating Texts At Wedding Instead Of Their Vows

While it’s not clear if the story is true, it is certainly getting some viral attention online.

A groom expecting to hear his bride make her wedding vow got something very, very different — a read-out of the cheating texts he had been sending to another woman.

The bride, a woman named Casey, shared the story of her wedding on the Australian website Whimn. She recounted how on the night before the wedding, she was going out with her bridesmaids when her phone started to buzz. She checked it to find screenshots from an unknown number showing her soon-to-be husband cavorting with another woman.

“The screenshots were of conversations between my husband-to-be and another woman,” Casey wrote. “Loads of them, including selfies of the pair. She was the opposite of me. I’m blonde and fair, and this unknown woman had dark hair and olive skin.

“The texts were dated from months to only days before. My brain simply could not compute WTF was going on. There was no questioning the legitimacy of these messages. I just knew.”

There was only hours remaining until the two were set to marry, but Casey didn’t want to back out. Instead, she went through the motions until it came time to make her vows.

Then she made an announcement.

“There will be no wedding today,” she said to the shock of the guests, then went on to pull out her phone and read the cheating text messages.

The story of the scorned bride’s revenge has gotten international viral attention, including coverage from India Today about the tale of wedding day comeuppance. The story drew some strong reactions on social media, with many commending the woman for her act of defiance against her cheating fiance and some even saying it should be made into a movie.

But others doubted the veracity of the story, which was anonymously written. Some noted that it sounded a little too close to a long-running urban legend about a bride (or groom) revealing infidelity on the wedding day (with another version of the story claiming that the scorned partner hid photographic proof of the infidelity underneath plates or chairs during the reception and then revealed it to guests).

Others wondered how, if the story was really true, that video of the incident hasn’t found its way to the internet, as it likely would if it were real.

Regardless of whether the story of the scorned bride’s revenge is real or not, it certainly seemed to strike a chord with many people, especially those who have been on the wrong side of cheating themselves.

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