Sagittarius December horoscope 2021: What’s in store for Sagittarius this month?

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Sagittarius can look forward to four weeks of new intentions, physical and emotional changes, and new opportunities. chatted to astrologer, cosmic coach, crystal healer and founder of the Moon Child Sorority, Bex Milford (@cosmic_cures on Instagram) to find out the Sagittarius December horoscope for 2021.

This is a very exciting month for you, Sagittarius!

Not only is the Sun predominantly in your constellation, but there is also a Solar Eclipse occurring in your zodiac sign on December 4!

This puts you firmly in the spotlight, Bex said.

She explained: “Solar Eclipses happen when the Sun and Moon move close to the Nodes of Fate, and we can use this time to set powerful new intentions to help us achieve our goals and manifest the life we desire.

“For you, this is a chance to embrace a kind of reinvention.

“This may be physical (you may decide to get a new hairdo, switch up your wardrobe or change your look in some way) but you also have the potential to tap into a renewed self-confidence and enthusiasm.”

The Solar Eclipse is a super time to express yourself in a way that reflects the person you’re keen to become, whilst also thinking about ways you were hoping to develop this year.

Bex asked: “What plans have you put into place? Where have you shied away from taking the stage or presenting yourself without fear of judgement?

“Now’s the chance to cast aside any misgivings or worries about what people think and put something into motion that you’ve been keen to start all year that represents the new you.”

When motivated Mars moves into Sagittarius on December 13, this only increases your desire to switch up the narrative and break down any self-imposed boundaries.

Bex added: “In short, the beginning of December encourages you to go for it! Your future self will thank you!”

Mercury also moves signs on December 13, when the planet that rules our communication and logical thinking enters ambitious and practical Capricorn.

Bex said: “This brings about a desire to analyse your income, and if you’ve been frivolous with your finances recently then prepare to switch into ‘sensible’ mode!

“This doesn’t mean less enjoyment of spending, it simply means you’ll want to start thinking about budgeting.

“Look out for opportunities to make more money that come via communication such as emails, social media or fortuitous conversations.

“You may also have a brilliant idea regarding how you can increase your income, so pay attention to any flashes of inspiration!”

When the Full Moon blazes in the night sky on December 19, issues can arise surrounding your relationships.

If things haven’t been going in the way you’d hoped, a conversation can have ‘make or break’ results.

Bex said: “You’ll either work through things and become stronger, or decide to call it a day.

“If you’re single, this can be a chance to assess those limiting beliefs that still make you uncertain of your value in a relationship.”

The Full Moon will be in Gemini (the sign of the curious twins) and this turns our attention to the stories we tell ourselves.

The astrologer asked: “Have you been repeating a narrative that restricts you from taking the plunge and opening your heart to love?

“Recreating this ‘story’ and switching perspectives is one of the gifts this Full Moon can offer, so receive it gratefully and use it wisely.”

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