‘Queer Eye’ star Jonathan Van Ness is trying to hack high heels

When it comes to style, “Queer Eye” star Jonathan Van Ness just wants to “slay this lewk and f—k a gender norm.”

“I’ve always loved to wear heels and play with gender-binary looks,” the 31-year-old grooming guru told Page Six Style, “but I really have to give my stylist Alison Brooks such huge props here. She definitely took my personality and took my vibe and pushed it to get me to another place, stylistically, that I don’t know if I would’ve found on my own.”

While promoting the Netflix series’ first two seasons, Van Ness turned heads in an array of gender-bending red carpet looks, including see-through turtlenecks, sparkling evening gowns and many pairs of stilettos.

Van Ness admitted he’s still getting used to spending big bucks on designer duds. “Pre-‘Queer Eye,’ I was a small business owner and a single parent of two cats — I didn’t have the resources to impulse-buy the things I’m so blessed to be able to play with now,” he explained. “I had, like, $300 in my checking account my whole adult life until February of this year! So Alison is helping me navigate this world that’s still so new to me.”

Not that anyone who’s laid eyes on the star’s growing footwear collection — which includes Vetements sock boots, thigh-high Stella McCartney heels and Céline booties — would know Van Ness is a fashion newbie.

As for how many pairs he’s amassed, “I don’t even want to know,” he said with a laugh. “The shoe collection’s pretty out of control. But I will tell you this: I have a really good friend who’s had a rough year, and we have similar-size feet, so I’m about to send her some shoes that are just bunion-makers for me but that I know she can wear. So I’m spreading the love!”

Continued the hairstyling pro, “Sometimes your eyes are bigger than your stomach when it comes to wearing heels. Like you think you can hack it, and then boom — instant bunions. I’ve tried so many sprays and pads and moleskin, but I’ve not found a hack that [works].”

Van Ness will have the opportunity to continue testing his high-heel hacks as he continues to nurture his newfound love of stand-up comedy. The star recently wrapped a 10-city tour across America with Hotels.com, and fans can check out the highlights in a new docuseries that launched Monday.

“Stand-up comedy is something I’ve always looked up to and wanted to be a part of, but I never thought it was a world I could make a name in,” Van Ness said. “But even if I do have imposter syndrome, my desire to do this is way bigger than my fear of not being good at it.”

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